Until the full Mueller report is made public we cannot know for sure, but it seems like there is not enough evidence to charge Donald Trump with obstruction or collusion with the Russians. 

While my Trump supporting friends are celebrating this news, I remind them that we still have a president who is a proven compulsive liar. It’s setting a very low bar to celebrate the news that the president you support probably did not commit treason. As far as I know every president and presidential candidate in history met that qualification.

I also remind them that this investigation did not materialize out of thin air. The report clearly states that the Russians did interfere in the 2016 election in a successful attempt to elect Donald Trump. The lies Trump and his staff told about contact with the Russians had to be investigated. Trump toadying up to the Russians only increased suspicions. You can’t call it a witch hunt if six Trump cohorts were convicted of crimes related to Mueller’s probe.  

Now that the investigation is over, we need to move on. To my mind there is nothing more important to our country than to see Donald Trump defeated in 2020. It is important for Democrats to let this sleeping dog lie and defeat the Republicans with good ideas for our future.  

Our citizens need affordable health care, living wages, a tax structure that pays the bills and does not enrich the rich, reduced deficits, and improved infrastructure. We need to denounce racism in any form, confront irrational fears about socialism and immigration, and strengthen our alliances. Most importantly, we desperately need a president who forms policy by listening to expert advisers and can be trusted to tell us the truth.

Just like the extremists on the right will never let Benghazi go in spite of multiple investigations, I’m sure extremists on the left will have a hard time letting Trump collusion go. However, my hope is that wiser heads will prevail and we will focus on the most important thing --- Truth matters.

Frank Butcher



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Hey Frankie, it ain't over. We need the lying DOJ and FBI held accountable for the hoax and the cover up crooked Hillary.


Hey, Martie. Like I said in my letter, whackos on the right like you are so obsessed with Hillary that you can’t see the ineptness of your lying, narcissistic, racist president that is plain for all with unbiased eyes to see.

To support your paranoia, you now have to invent a conspiracy theory that involves the media, the FBI, Obama, Hillary, the justice system, et.al. Your conspiracy theory used to include Mueller, but that may have changed.

Is Trump a compulsive liar? Should we ignore his lies (now approaching 10,000)? Answer these questions if you dare.

I would add more, but I don’t want to challenge your limited attention span.


Hey Frankie, you think Mickey Mouse started the illegal investigation? It was a cover up for the Hillary E-Mail scandal. Ray Charles in his present state can see this...


Martie, you never cease to amaze me with your complete lack of knowledge. Sadly, your ignorance does not seem to stop you from opining, much to the annoyance of Baytown Sun readers and myself.

If the investigation was “illegal”, some law must have been broken. Why don’t you tell us specifically what law was broken?

At the risk of making this too long for you to read, here’s a distilled history lesson for you. The Mueller investigation came into being because Trump fired James Comey, who at the time was leading the FBI investigation into the Russian interference. This action smacked of a coverup, and created the need to use the Office of Special Counsel. Trump expected his hand picked attorney general to intervene on his behalf, but much to Trump’s chagrin, Jeff Sessions recused himself due to his involvement in discussions with the Russians. So it fell to the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein (a registered Republican), to establish an independent counsel investigation headed by Robert Mueller (also a Republican). Both political parties hailed the appointment of Mueller as a great choice. This is called ‘the justice department doing its job’.

If Trump had not fired Comey, there would not have been an independent counsel. If you want to blame anyone for the Mueller investigation, blame your orange leader.

Once again, I ask you to tell me what was illegal about this process? It is not illegal just because you and Trump don’t like it. If you can’t back up with facts your claim that the investigation was illegal, I suggest you find something else to talk about.


Hey Frankie, the President can fire anyone at any time for any or no reason. With (7) Masters one would think he would know this. Your ignorance amazes me. If Trump wanted to stymie the investigation he could have fired anybody including Mueller. change the channel and get the real news. You will see bubba....


Amazing....Once again Martie avoided answering a hard question.

You said the Mueller investigation was "illegal". The question I suspect you have no answer for is....What law was broken in setting up the investigation? Either you can cite the law or you are WRONG when you say the investigation was illegal.

You also need a remedial course in reading comprehension. Nowhere in my previous post did I say the president did not have the prerogative to fire Comey or Mueller. However, the repercussion to firing Comey was the Independent Counsel. If you can't see that, you are an idiot. Trump could have fired Mueller too, but the repercussion would have been impeachment. Just ask Richard Nixon about that. Fear of impeachment was the ONLY reason Trump did not fire Comey.

Are you going to answer my original question or continue to deflect and show your ignorance?


Hey Frankie, it was exactly illegal. They used a fake dossier from Clinton's election team and lied to a FISA court judge to get a wire tap on a Trump campaign official. That was the Insurance policy instituted in the summer of 2016 just in case Hillary lost mentioned by Stroyk and Page. This FISA abuse is under investigation now. There never was any collusion and no obstruction to any crime because there was never a crime. The crime is on the DOJ and FBI for lying to a FISA judge (4) times. Hang loose Frankie, more to come....


The Steele dossier did not come into the FBI’s possession until after election day, well after the Russian investigation had started in July of 2016. Therefore, the dossier could not possibly have precipitated the investigation. (Another inconvenient fact.)

It is perfectly legal to ask a FISA judge to allow a wiretap if there is evidence of a crime. Without any supporting facts, you say the investigation lied to get the warrant, but apparently there was a lot of crime going on among Trump officials since 6 of them are going to prison. So in hindsight the wiretap was absolutely justified, unless you are one of those people who do not want criminals brought to justice.

Why did Trump and members of his team lie about contacts with the Russians? Surely you have a theory about that.

Bottom line is that you have once again failed miserably in your attempt to label the Comey/Mueller investigation as “illegal”.

Hang loose Martie, more to come from the Southern District of New York.


Frankie, you amaze me. The dossier was way before the election. Orr warned all the people at the FBI that Hillary had paid for it and it wasn't verified. Once and for all Frankie the people indicted had nothing to do with the election. They lied to the FBI and some crimes were 10 years before the election.


Martie, you should be amazed since I have 7 masters degrees. Or is it 10?

The research by Steele has a complicated history. At first it was financed by a conservative website, then by Marco Rubio, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s standard operating procedure for campaigns to research the opponent, hoping for some sleeze to use. What matters is whether the information is true and in this case, did the content of the dossier affect the investigation in an unfair way. The FBI did their job. They were handed the dossier by a US senator, and were duty bound to investigate the information. Somehow, using your brain-dead logic, you have concluded that it was illegal for the FBI to do its job and investigate the content of the dossier.

The criminals lied about what? Answer….mostly contacts/dealings with the Russians.

You say the criminals had nothing to do with the election? What about Steve Bannon? Wasn’t he the chairman of Trump’s campaign? What about Rick Gates? Wasn’t he Trump’s deputy campaign manager? What about Michael Flynn? Wasn’t he Trump’s national security adviser? What about Michael Cohen? He was Trump’s fixer and it is indisputable that he paid off a porn star to avoid a scandal before the election.

We know for sure that Trump, Jr. met with the Russians. We know for a fact that his father actually wrote out the lie Junior was supposed to propagate about the meeting – it was about adopting children. WOW. What about Trump’s lies (captured on tape) about having no business interests in Russia? What about Trump’s refusal to blame the Russians for election interference?

Until the full report is released I will accept Barr’s conclusion that Trump is not a Russian asset. But to be exact, the report states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”.

Nothing you can say changes the fact that Trump is a habitual liar, and his lies made him look guilty. Your defense and acceptance of his lies make you look like an unthinking Trump sycophant.

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