What parent in their right mind would send their children across several countries unaccompanied especially young girls? 

It’s a scam on the American people to have the parents join them later bypassing messy legal immigrant status. Where were you when Obama was putting children in cages? The images of children in cages the press is showing constantly were from 2014. Obama sent unaccompanied children to detention centers all over the U.S.

Why doesn’t Schumer and Pelosi sit down and try to work out a solution to this amoral, unChristian and un-American so called policy? They think it’s a vote getter that’s why, to heck with the children. The Democratic party drips of hypocrisy.

President Trump is doing something about our 800 billion trade deficit occurring every year. Obama and his evil administration were too dumb to try and address this problem but they were smart enough to double the national debt. Sit back and watch President Trump “Make America great Again.” I mean if your friendly allies can’t screw over you who can?

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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Mr Martin is mistaken, or is it called lying? Dictator Trump's policy of caging immigrant children is the opposite of what Obama did. Obama's sane administration specifically tried to avoid splitting up families. Fox Fake News interviewed Matt Schlapp who made the false claim that Trump's policy was a continuation of Obama's policy...big LIE according to PolitiFact. Trump and you continue to lie about the current US trade deficit. It's not $800 billion, more like $566 billion according to the Commerce Dept. Speaking of deficits, while Obama inherited George W Bush's enormous deficit, George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan had two of the largest deficits in US history. And lets be clear, Dictator Trump's tax scam will add $10.2 trillion to the national debt. I wish you'd stop writing false stories to the Baytown Sun Mr Martin.


Hey Gordon, change the channel. Obama certainly did it... The China deficit alone is $500 billion plus. World wide is $800 billion. We shall see if the tax cuts add $10 Trillion. Wanna bet?

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