This letter is in response to the Aug. 22 Letter to the Editor entitled, “Gun, Citizen Control.”

American citizens have a right to work toward reasonable gun legislation or to work against any gun legislation. As citizens, we also have freedom of speech. I believe that with that freedom comes the responsibility to keep our discourse rational and civil. Spreading hate and fear works against democracy. The writer of this letter warned his readers that the “rabid,” “anti-gun folks” wanted the government to take away their guns. Really? Do people really believe that? I have yet to hear anyone on the left advocate that goal, but I have heard many people on the right fear that outcome. That fear seems unfounded to me. But the writer did not stop there. He went on to describe the “anti-gun folk” as “verbally abusive, self-righteous gloaters.” He called those who had different ideas from him concerning gun legislation “socially inept” and “social misfits.” 

Many good citizens believe that some thoughtful legislation to impede gun violence is in order.

Mr. Marshall does not have to agree with them. It would be nice, however, if he did not accuse them of being “bad actors” who had “sold their soul” in their efforts to achieve “absolute anarchy.”

If we want to talk about “selling our soul,” maybe we should talk about the hold the NRA has on many of our elected officials. 

Elsa Kleiman



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Thank you for your suggestions. I will take them under advisement.


Well Bert, Elsa sure poked holes in your self-image of being a person who is always positive. Well done, Elsa. Thank you.

Alan H

So nice to read sane, common sense words from Elsa...thank you. Mr Marshall's favorite word is anarchy and thusly descends into the category of TrumpNut.

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