“Harris Co. officials decry planned ICE raids” Page 1A, Sunday. 

Lizzie Fletcher, D-Houston, County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, County Judge Lina Hidalgo all seem to have changed their allegiances from the United States to that of the illegal interlopers — those that have skirted the United States immigration laws and now living illegally in the United States. The aforementioned servants of US citizens are also in the company of Sheila Jackson Lee who was on the 10 p.m. news touting her efforts in helping to set up sanctuaries in local churches.

Why? When we have US citizens and veterans that are living on the streets, hungry and at the mercy of the elements are these civil servants turning all of their efforts to help people that have broken our countries laws?

One thing that is a constant among these civil servants, they are all Democrats. Is it safe to assume that all Democrats care more for illegal immigrants than their constituents? Or is it that the Democrats so hate the President of the United States they would rather work for those that don’t respect our laws than to help enforce laws of the country? 

It is disappointing and scary to see people that are supposed to be working for me to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration and work tirelessly to help the lawbreakers.

I mentioned the United States several times in this diatribe to try to drive home the fact of who is being forsaken.

James Connealy



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