Steve and Cokie Roberts, in their Thursday article, think limiting the 1st Amendment, in addition to abolishing the Second Amendment, will stop the attacks like El Paso and Dayton. Where will they stop? When will liberals realize that the only thing separating America from dictatorships is our Constitution?

First Liberals blamed the gun for mass attacks, now the Robert’s blame the motive, i.e. Trump’s rhetoric and what’s on the Internet. When are they going to blame the actual party who’s responsible, i.e. the person who committed those crimes? Why do they ignore the Dayton shooter’s liberal rhetoric and support of Elizabeth Warren or the motive behind the shooter of Republican Steve Scalise? As I’ve written before, if you want to stop these tragedies, look for the common factors in these individuals, not just common factors in society. Each shooter has suffered a lack of responsible male role models, a history of family violence, lack of action on reports that these individuals are planning violence, as well as being isolated and spending copious amounts of time on the internet or playing violent video games. Taking away our rights is not going to avert future tragedies. Nothing the left is proposing would even have hindered, much less prevented, any of the prior mass shootings. However, it’s easy for the leftist urban elites who don’t hunt or shoot to ban something that doesn’t inconvenience them. Add in the hypocrisy that they ignore Hollywood violence, tacitly approve of Antifa attacks, belittle police and ICE agents, call everyone a racist, and you can’t believe rhetoric is really to blame.

Ben Franklin said it best.  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Mark Dolecki


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Alan H

Mr Dolecki, the Cokie article did not suggest to abolish the Second Amendment. A contrast of regulating the hate speech on the internet and access to assault rifles was the actual content. Almost all of your contrived points sound like you're parroting the Republican-NRA cult conservative websites that demand how conservatives must think. Either that, or you've been fully propagandized by Fox Fake News. I'll leave you with two other famous Ben Franklin quotes that may interrupt your cult reality; 1-"It's the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority" and 2-"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid".

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