Gosh! Let’s see everything here in Baytown is just about to shut down. First they said not to meet in more than a group of 10 people at one time. They closed all activities sports, schools, dining in at restaurants, businesses cutting hours, asking the older people to stay home. This COVID-19 has put a clamp on everything including the closure of Showbiz Cinema. 

I fully understand the importance of doing these things but once again the people are in a panic mode. I would like to know if Baytown has had any cases of this virus as of this date. I haven’t seen or heard of any cases so why the panicking? I went to Kroger to pick up my sisters prescription, so while I was there I decided to pick up a package of toilet paper (four rolls in a package) and they had none, all were gone again. I asked a associate if they had any in the back and he told me “no sir.” They had empty boxes from what they put out and that was it. To top it off, a little boy came up to me and said, “hey mister aren’t you suppose to be at home.” I said, “why did you ask that” and he said “my mommy did.” Well now you see even the parents are telling their kids the wrong information. I told the lady “ma’am it states that any elderly person that is ill should stay at home.”

The next thing will be stay at home – period. Before long we will all be forced to stay home now that my friends is nothing to look forward to. Here’s my opinion, just make sure you wash your hands, and if sick stay home. As for me, I believe this will end sooner than you think. Take things day by day and use common sense. Were all family and let’s work together. God bless Baytown.

Terry Nevorski



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I fear the same scenario as you. Thank you for your letter.

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