Raymond Martin’s letters are proof of why Trump loves the uneducated. He can’t even keep up with all the conspiracy theories to set forth a logical rant. 

These are the same people that subscribe to “alternative facts” and believe the Sandy Hook child massacre did not actually occur. It is evident why the Texas GOP has sought to remove Critical Thinking from the state TEKS and Republicans as a whole are against education. They love their public dumb and feeding right from their blood-soaked hands.

Jim Jameson



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Jim, your comments are spot on. Thank you. I suspect public school teachers who tried to teach Raymond critical thinking skills cringe every time he posts another rant that only succeeds in showing reasonable people that he does not know the difference between fact and opinion.


I suspect you two concerned citizens brace for 5 more years of disappointment and prosperity.


Bert, you forgot to add dishonesty, racism, ineptness, economic inequality, egotism, narcissism, Russian interference, and conspiracy theories.

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