Socialists/Democrats have made great strides in the art of using semantics and/or spin in their efforts to subvert and pervert American culture, ethics, traditions and eventually our way of life as we’ve known it. 

For over 50 years, Soc/Dems have adopted terms and titles more acceptable to an indoctrinated citizenry. They began by softening Socialism with “Liberalism” and most recently, Socialist candidates and agendas are preferring to identify as “Progressive” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Socialism/Communism would more closely describe their goals, as stated by many of the 26 or so Soc/Dem presidential candidates for 2020.

Since JFK and LBJ, the Soc/Dem party and some RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) have been responsible for importing and encouraging illegal invaders of America. They prefer the terms “immigrants,” “undocumented” or “asylum seekers” (semantics and deceptions for invaders and trespassers). Our spineless Congress in both houses continue failing to support President Trump in his efforts to do what should have been done 30 to 40 years ago. Stop this invasion and return all of the illegal invaders!

The answer to border security is at once simple and hard. The hard part is resolve. The simplest is enforcement. Enforcement is cheaper than a wall and if we had stopped them, by whatever means necessary, we wouldn’t incur the expenses of detention centers, medical services or other services expended on these invaders, paid for by the taxpayers.

The Socialist/Democrat policies of open borders and free services for all should scare every American. No country can afford, or more importantly, survive as a sovereign nation the invasion we’re experiencing. We must recognize Soc/Dem party ideology for what it is — our enemy from within who must be defeated.

President Trump is trying not only to do what he was elected to do, but the right things to do for America. Everyone who supports President Trump should contact their representatives and ask their support for President Trump’s efforts.                                                           Tom L. Kincaid



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Alan H

Mr Kincaid, you're using the same language about an immigrant invasion as did Patrick Crusius, the El Paso mass murderer. You are aware that Texas used to be owned by Mexico and so crossing the border to shop at Walmart isn't quite an invasion. Also Trump's 3rd and 1st wives are immigrants and Gov Abbott's wife is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants. You've been watching too much Fox news, the home of fake news and white supremacy. BTW, Trump wasn't elected by the majority of American voters and he's the biggest liar since Nixon. Isn't that why Racist Republicans voted for Trump?


I agree with your vision of what America should be. Thank you for posting.


Bert, Kincaid's letter was quite negative. I thought you didn't approve of negativity.

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