The guest editorial, “Fight Over Obamacare,” by the Baltimore Sun was extremely one sided and misleading. You’d think from reading it that Obamacare is actually working. This is the lie that Liberals repeat endlessly to progress to the next level of socialized medicine. Ask anyone who has Obamacare and they’ll tell you they’re dissatisfied with it. Obamacare covers only 6% of Americans at a cost of $700 billion per year. Shockingly, the “Medicare for All” crowd would have 67% of Americans  give up their private insurance and saddle taxpayers with a cost of 32 Trillion (not billion) dollars per year. And what they don’t tell you is only 8% of Americans are currently uninsured, for a variety of reasons, not just cost.

The editorial also argues that the healthcare system has been transformed by Obamacare and millions have been spent to adapt, but it will be just as easy to go back to a free market as it was to be forced into buying something you may not want.  Remember, Obamacare was so good that Congress had to pass it in the dead of night along a strict party line vote (not a single Republican voted for it) by many who hadn’t even read it.

The government has no business telling its citizens what to buy.  Today it’s Obamacare, tomorrow it will be solar energy provided by political cronies (Remember Solydra?).  Health care can be affordable if the government would stop dislocating the free market.  Let insurers sell across state lines, let us buy drugs from the cheapest source, increase transparency on the cost of medical services, publish doctor success rates, etc.   Much of the inflated cost of health care today is due to government interference. 

In closing, I do not think health care is a right, despite what the 20 democratic candidates tell you.  (Hint, it’s not in the Constitution.)  But I do think health insurance can be more affordable with increased competition, transparency and less government interference.  One sided misleading editorials such as this one don’t solve the problem or even further the discussion, but they do do a good job of fanning divisiveness and class warfare.  Perhaps if journalists took their responsibilities more seriously instead of advocating a political viewpoint we could actually come together to have affordable health care.

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It seems to me that if a person has Christian love for all people as demanded by Christ, then they should want all people to have access to basic affordable health care. It's hard for me to imagine Jesus being opposed to the idea. In the coming discussions, each one of us has to decide whether access to basic affordable healthcare is a fundamental human right or that the less prosperous among us will just have to suffer.

Alan H

To the dodo that wrote the ridiculous article about healthcare not being a fundamental right found in our Constitution, I refer the history buff-oon to the Declaration of Independence which says all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights such as the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness...all of which are protected by our government, and none of which can occur without good health. It's clear to me that our founding fathers intended for the government to protect our health, safety and welfare and what could be more patriotic than healthcare for all? It just makes sense that a healthy workforce equals a dynamic economic surge.


Good point, Alan, and well said.

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