I read these letters from Raymond and Frank in their debate against good and evil. I do so enjoy reading them, but one is way off base. 

Frank says lets ban assault weapons, and Raymond says lets ban deranged people. Raymond goes on to say lets ban automobiles because they kill more people than guns. Frank says no its the guns that are the problem. 

Frank I can see when they ban all the assault weapons all the deranged people using them will be in the front of the line to turn them in, no probably not. Frank you go on to say all you need is a shotgun or pistol to protect yourself and family. You also say that a deranged person who wants to kill couldn’t kill as many with a pistol or shotgun and your probably right. 

The problem here is how can you ban something that is already here. There must be millions if not billions already here. I think its easier to ban the crazies, because a person just doesn’t wake up in the morning and decide to go shoot up a school or any other public place. If you know of a crazy report them to authorities. 

Stop making stupid laws that the criminals are not going to obey in the first place. Do away with the gun free zones, which are dangerous places, and stop tying the police’ hands so they can’t investigate and take these crazies off the streets. 

What it all boils down to is criminals do not obey the laws we have, so why implement more? Texas got it right on when they relaxed gun laws because gun-free zones are dangerous places.


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Thank you for this logical and very reasonable explanation to this intricate and complicated issue. Please keep writing.

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