A new perspective is needed on the impeachment inquiry. Republican attacks on impeachment efforts by Democrats ignores what should be an obvious question: “What would be the Republican response if it came to light that during the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton had contacted Russian official sources to dig up dirt on presidential candidate Donald Trump and his attempts to secure business deals in Russia, while he was engaged in the 2016 campaign?” Would they still claim that it was a witchhunt?

Jim Maroney



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Jim, your kidding right? That's exactly what Hillary and the DNC did.


Hypocrisy, thy name is Raymond Martin.


Hey frankie, let's wait and see about hypocrisy shall we...


After Hillary walked away unscathed from Benghazi, I believe anything the woman does is her danged business to angry Democrats. They will/have dismissed every allegation of wrong doings all the way back to the Oval Office with Monica. Personally, I don't trust any politician about the local level and I watch them too. During the Depression, Al Capone gave $20 tips everywhere he went, and no one would rat him out. The reason was he was feeding their families and the Democrats have a bigger job than a puny impeachment attempt to oust Trump... They need to actually have a platform other than Socialism that will bring this country to its knees.

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