Re: Oct. 25 AP article “Chaos erupts as Republicans storm impeachment deposition” 

This story was so insanely juicy with Republican stupidity. I want Baytown citizens to know that our local Congressman Brian Babin was one of the Trump lapdogs who participated in this absurdly childish stunt.

How absurd was it? One protester, the top Republican in the House Oversight and Reform Panel, said he was tired of the Dems having secret impeachment meetings. Truth is he and many of the Republican protesters were already allowed into the meetings because they are members of three committees leading the investigation. So they already knew what was being said in the classified impeachment meeting.

 Classified meetings are always secret and never open to the public. Duhhh to the lying Republicans. The whole embarrassing episode was staged after the lapdog protesters met with Master Trump the day before. 

This has got to be a new low for lying conservatives like Babin.  

On Oct. 27, Babin announced the closed-door impeachment inquiry he stormed was actually unclassified even though it was held in a SCIF, a highly secure room specifically used for processing classified info.  

Babin’s goofy words continued with this lie, “Adam Schiff and the Democrat majority are trying to impeach the duly elected President ... and no one in America knows why.” Has Babin gone crazy crackers or what?

Alan Hudgins


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Hey bubba Al, what's the crime? It used to be collusion and now it's what?


Actually, there were 47 Republicans serving on the various committees involved in the closed door hearings, all of whom had total access to all of the testimony. Clearly the storming of the hearing by Babin, was just a publicity stunt meant to stir up Trump's base. N/A, Trump is accused of undermining the integrity of US elections, violating the civil rights of the US citizens he is calling out for foreign attack, and violating campaign finance laws by soliciting foreign help. The Trump administration also stands accused of obstruction of justice for resisting congressional subpoenas for documents and testimony relating to the Ukraine investigation. None of this matters to N/A because to him the truth is whatever Trump says it is. It doesn't matter to N/A that Trump himself released a transcript of the infamous telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president that clearly showed a quid pro quo proposal. It doesn't matter to N/A that Trump's chief of staff followed up with a statement that confirmed the illegal proposal. It doesn't matter to N/A that multiple witnesses to the phone call have confirmed the illegal, dangerous, and damning nature of the call. The only question is, does Trump have to obey the law, or is he exempt because people like N/A think that laws only have to be obeyed by Democratic presidents.

Alan H

Wonder if N/A Mr Martin comprehends that Trump was booed at World Series game on Sunday while the crowd chanted lock him up, lock him up.

Alan H

Mr No Answer Martin, you ask what's the crime as if you are deaf, dumb and blind and haven't had any news for over 3 months. The crime is Trump withheld millions in military aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine's President admitted to reopening a debunked investigation into Biden and his son so that Trump could influence the outcome of the 2020 election to his favor. It's called a quid pro quo and is illegal under our laws. Funny how you can write delusional comments about Trump's innocence and have no comprehension of his guilt. Perhaps years of inbreeding and Fox Fake News have altered your perception of reality.


Hey DNC town criers it's quid pro quo now is it? Collusion, Stormy, tax returns and now quid pro quo. Funny how experts read the transcript and see it differently than the looney democrats. You got him this time, right. LOL......


N/A, I’m glad to see that you are aware of some of the evidence showing that we currently have the most corrupt, inept president in our history. Unfortunately “Collusion, Stormy, tax returns, and quid pro quo” are only the tip of an iceberg of evidence that shows Trump’s incompetence and corruption. To get a better picture, add in emoluments, obstruction of justice, nepotism, 13,000+ lies, Putin love-fest, overt narcissism, stupidity, short attention span, ignoring the advice of experts, grabbing women by their privates, abandoning allies, and childish name-calling. Even though that list is incomplete, it does give some idea about the character of the man. The fact that you apparently admire those qualities and defend them speaks volumes about your values.


N/A, in one of your previous posts, you attempted to justify Trump's abandoning the Kurds by saying that Trump recognizes that we no longer need mid-east oil. Now that Trump has sent troops in to guard Syrian oil fields, I wonder if you want to change your argument.


No frankie I haven't changed my mind. Thanks to a American patriot who loves this country we are no longer dependent on foreign oil.


So in your warped mind an omnipotent Trump, not fracking technology and horizontal drilling techniques, are responsible for the shale oil boom. Those technologies have been used and improved during the last 50 years while Trump was busy building hotels and cheating his contractors. You have a short memory. You justified abandoning our Kurdish allies because we no longer needed mideast oil and could now get out of the mideast. Yet Trump sent additional troops to Saudi Arabia and is using troops to protect Syrian oil fields. Explain the logic of that. Oh, that's right. You don't do logic.

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