I am disappointed that you continue to feature political cartoons that are derogatory to our duly elected president. I also find it deplorable that you allow your left wing Democrat Michael Pineda (almost as avid as Alan Hudgins) to use your “Cheers and Jeers” section three weeks in a row  to express his personal criticisms of anything Republican.


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Alan H

Mr Wilson, poking fun at a sitting President is almost as American as apple pie with Bluebell vanilla on top. Seems like you'd be angry about a president who lies daily, sets national policy by watching Fox &Friends and is so narcissistic he calls himself the Chosen One. I imagine the Republican Party will regain some respect after it separates itself from your unethical racist white supremacist Trump.


Yes Mr. Wilson, any reasoning and sane person would draw the same conclusion as you and I applaud your courage to speak out for the freedom-loving public. Please keep writing because the Socialist-crazed mindless minions never rest in spewing hatred and anti-Constitutional babble.

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