The U.S. Senate should present the President with a medal of honor for being the best president in memorable history. He’s right up there with Nixon who got us out of Vietnam and stopped the draft.

Anyone who thinks the Office of President can be conducted flawlessly should go sign themselves into the nearest nut house. That is why we have the court and Congress.

David Baugher


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Amen David. NOBODY could take the abuse this President has endured and keep on going and accomplish what he has done so far. The energizer bunny has nothing on President Trump...




Just since Nixon? A recent poll of Republicans showed that 53 percent of them think that Trump is a better president than Lincoln. The delusion continues.


Well frankie with all your master degrees if you say the delusion continues I suppose it continues....


N/A, I appreciate your vote of confidence. :-)

Alan H

Mr Baugher, far be it for me to nit-pick and correct your spelling of b-e-s-t when referring to Trump's presidency. The correct spelling is W-O-R-S-T.

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