I would like to say a resounding thank you once again to everyone who played role in getting our project completed. The city, the mayor and council, the picturesque locations, the photo contributors, the stars, the Brunson and Honeycutt families, and all of the townspeople of Baytown - it truly takes a village. There is no art more collaborative and complex than filmmaking. The people of Baytown are truly a community and we share a deep bond. 

And though you can never thank everyone, I had two major (and I do mean major) oversights on the evening of the premiere! The first was Russell Hamman who I began to call “the great connector” as the project continued over 10 months. Russell worked countless hours seeking photos, reaching out to his facebook community, making phone calls, preparing for his interview and conducting library research. Through his efforts, we found people, photos and footage of the Hellfighters and the Brunson that we would not have had otherwise. He was always ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and work toward the goal we all had - which was to honor the theater as best we could. Russell’s tireless work on preserving the history we all share is important to our community.

The second is, maybe ironically as I write this, The Baytown Sun. Carol Skewes, David Bloom, Matt Hollis, Christopher James and Wanda Orton all helped with research, photos and putting the word on the street when we needed to reach the community. The Baytown Sun articles were vital breadcrumbs through long past decades providing precious insights, dates, photos, names, ages, cinema ads, and so much more. Like a time machine, it would transport us back in a flash to the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. You simply cannot retrace our history without the journalistic records provided by The Baytown Sun.  So, thank you to everyone - named or not - and especially to Russell and the entire staff of The Baytown Sun. 

Rick King

Native of Lakewood 

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