This letter is in response to two letters which appeared in your column recently. The first letter written by Frank Butcher was titled “Quotes to vote by…” 

Butcher’s letter was a compilation of 21 quotes from well known people who have played a significant role in our society. Some of the people quoted have long since passed away, but their words still hold truth and value. Some of these famous men are FDR, Gandhi, Socrates, and more recently Senator John McCain. Some of the men are alive today such as President Donald Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, Congressman Adam Schiff, Admiral William McRaven who led the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, and the astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 

These are men to be taken seriously. If their words ring true, then there is value in reading and rereading them. It is also worthwhile to note if each man lived a life of service and leadership and integrity. Were his words reflected in his life or were they shown to be hypocritical or untrue by his actions? We can all learn from the good deeds as well as the misdeeds of others. I found Frank Butcher’s column to be very valuable and I appreciate the time he spent composing it. 

The other letter that I am addressing appeared in the column a few days later. It was entitled, “Thanks for diatribes.” The writer “thanked” Frank for his diatribes and constant assaults. A diatribe is defined as “a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.” 

I fail to see how sharing the words of famous individuals could be called a diatribe and an assault. Men reveal themselves to others by their words and their actions. It behooves us to discern the wisdom of good men from the folly or hypocrisy of others. 

Elsa Kleiman


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Thanks, Elsa. Truth matters.


I think it is obvious the lady does not read all the insulting and vicious condescending comments that are posted online.


Including yours, Bert.


Hey N/L maybe you can put together all the trash talking between all the democratic clown candidates and publish that. I won't hold my breath bubba.....

Alan H

What a laugh. Bert is concerned about vicious and condescending insults all the while praising Trump for lying and making vicious and condescending insults daily. And Mr N/A Martin, probably everyone would prefer that you hold your breath, as long as you can. Bert and Raymond, can you believe Trump's incompetence? In the middle of a global pandemic, Trump called the coronavirus a hoax created by the Democrats. If that doesn't prove Trump is a bumbling lunatic, then nothing will.


Hey al, like Trump immediately imposing travel bans from China and taking other measures unlike the H1N1 that Obama let 1000 people die before any measures were taken that ending up killing more than 13,000 people? That's the difference between a real leader (Trump) and clown Obama who always led from behind...

Alan H

Raymond, idiot Trump was photographed at Mar-a-Lago standing next to a Brazilian official who has the coronavirus. That's no leader, that's a lunatic. Trump's incompetence is only surpassed by his ignorance in handling this pandemic.

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