Since Special Prosecutor John Durham launched an official criminal investigation into the origins of the now discredited so-called Trump-Russian collusion to influence the 2016 presidential election you have to wonder who in the corrupt Obama administration is going to flip and cooperate. 

One has to ask themself, do I want to get indicted and ruin my remaining career for Hillary’s failed and unlawful presidential bid including foreign intervention and FISA abuse? 

The sad part of this whole situation is that it would never have come to light had crooked Hillary won the election. This is really going to get interesting and enjoyable to watch the DNC mainstream media dodge and weave and try to spin the outcome. I would imagine there is a number of Obama cronies getting mighty nervous.

Anybody heard how the Clinton Foundation is doing without any means to peddle and sell influence? Wow, didn’t that foundation fold like a cheap lawn chair?

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu


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and then Trump/Pence will be overwhelmingly elected for a second term.


I don’t think there can be any doubt that Hillary’s defeat affected the generosity of donors to the Clinton Foundation. However, in the interest of fairness you should point out that Charity Watch gives the Clinton Foundation a grade of ‘A’ with 88 percent of donations spent on programs. On the other hand, the Trump Foundation has dissolved, accused of “a shocking pattern of illegality”. Spin that, N/A and Bert.


N/A, all you have is SPECULATION about what John Durham might uncover regarding the origins of the Russian collusion investigation. As usual, you have zero FACTS. A prudent person would wait for facts before jumping to conclusions. But nobody has ever accused you of being prudent or preferring facts over opinions. Even sadder, you don't care that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election to the benefit of Trump. Like your leader, your only concern is that Trump won, ethics be damned. Instead of being concerned about future Russian interference and the integrity of our elections, your concern is now directed at how past interference was discovered. You don't care that Trump has pressured another foreign government to help him win the 2020 election. You just keep ignoring facts, keep making excuses for Trump's illegal behavior, and do your best to divert attention from Trump's corruption to some irrelevant event.


Hey frankie, Trump already had his investigation. He passed with colors. Wanna bet on the DNC and Hillary outcome? The report I saw on the Clinton Crime Family Foundation was that they had 91% administrative cost. Might have included a certain wedding. Might be a little info on the slimy Clintons coming too. Hang loose there frankie. So far you have been wrong on every issue. Four more years, four more years......


Trump passed with "colors"? What color would that be? Black, as in the color of Trump's soul? Or maybe red as in the ink color of Trump's deficit spending? Or maybe green with the envy Trump has for Obama? Or maybe yellow as in the color associated with Trump's bone spurs? Perhaps brown as in the color of the bull excrement that Trump spews out daily? There were 5 actionable instances in the Mueller report that involved obstruction of justice. There was a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence for collusion (100+ contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, Trump's denials of Russian interference, etc.), but no smoking gun. Now there is a smoking gun in the form of witnesses to his phone conversation with Ukraine's president and evidence in black and white of him soliciting foreign interference in the 2020 election. In regard to the Clinton Foundation, as usual you are so full of it that your eyeballs are turning brown. I'll give you a link to real facts below. Maybe you can tell us why the Trump Foundation folded. I'm sure you have some off-the-wall explanation that blames the Democrats. It will at least be good for a laugh. What about Trump abandoning the Kurds and then sending troops to protect the Syrian oil fields? That’s an old question you still haven’t answered. You say I've been wrong about every issue. Name some and back it up with facts. Remember, your opinions are NOT facts. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, prison, prison, prison.

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