This is written in response to the letter from Diane Smith regarding the Hill of Rest Cemetery.  

Here we go again ...  If you need to contact any Board Members, you can call The Baytown Sun or any funeral home in Baytown. Evidently, you aren’t aware of their connection to the cemetery as every two years or so, you write a letter such as the one in the paper today.  We do not give out telephone numbers or email addresses but anyone may contact us at P. O. Box 2024, Baytown, Texas, 77522.  We will certain respond to any questions or needs presented.

In your last two letters, you addressed the movement of the stones by the landscapers. 

Evidently, you have never attempted to pick one up. They are granite and, if moved, one would see the dead grass all around the area as they mow every two weeks in the summer. The men who mow for us, along with the Board, are very respectful and would do nothing to compromise the gravesites. If you think a Memorial Wall is a good idea, then maybe you can spearhead the effort to raise funds in order to build it as it is outside our ability to pay for one.

Records are kept by the Board which would eliminate your concern should any genealogist need to determine where someone is buried. We cannot bury any other babies as Babyland is full. 

This volunteer Board that meets every three or so months, is always there if called on but is aging like our population. All of us are volunteers who work with a limited budget to maintain this cemetery.  We had a number of family members who assisted us this year of which we are so grateful.  Plus, donations received that will carry us further.  

If you wish to volunteer, donate or have questions, please address them to the P.O. box listed above.  

Cemetery despicable, not. But the letter was. 

Where was your volunteer work or donation? 

We would be glad to meet you at the cemetery to discuss what you are addressing in your letter so that you will be better informed.

Gayle Herrera & other Hill of Rest Cemetery board members Baytown

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