Before Republicans start hurling themselves into the deep abyss between our two party political system,  I hope they will remember something: Trump’s abuse of power, lies, deceptions and cover-ups do not have to define the GOP anymore.

A whistleblower complaint against the president is now undergoing an impeachment investigation. Despite Trump’s lies that it’s just another partisan witch hunt, we now know it is indeed credible, (believed to be true) and of urgent national concern requiring immediate action.  

The complaint identifies how Trump, his personal “fixer” attorney Giuliani and U.S. Attorney General Barr all worked together on a scheme to allegedly withhold hundreds of millions of dollars from a foreign country until the leader of that country agreed to “play ball” and reopen a closed investigation involving Trump’s 2020 political rival Joe Biden. Of course, such a scheme to affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential election is illegal.

What’s most disturbing is how Trump’s staff immediately removed electronic “telcon” evidence of this crime from the original hard drive and transferred it to a classified facility after becoming aware of the complaint.  Trump’s White House is apparently nothing more than a crime syndicate using taxpayer money to cover up Trump’s many crimes.

Also of great interest is the whistleblower’s claim that there are several other people who can confirm these criminal allegations against Trump.

Republicans haven’t accepted Trump’s criminal actions concerning obstruction of justice from the Mueller investigation while ignoring numerous other arrests for lying and attempted election tampering.

Conservative Republican religious leaders ignore Trump’s over 12,000 lies all violations of the 9th commandment. They didn’t care when a delusional narcissistic Trump falsely claimed to be a religious deity, the King of Israel who somehow spends every Sunday on a resort golf course instead of worshiping God.

Fiscally conservative Republicans all brag on Trump’s economy despite looming recession red flags from tariffs and deficits, and despite $2 multi-billion socialist bailouts for farmers, and a multi-billion dollar money grab from the military budget to build Trump’s border wall that he falsely promised Mexico would pay for.

During the Trump impeachment hearings it will get ugly when the truth rises and moves forward. I think it will bring Republicans to their knees and will actually restore the lost soul missing from the Trump GOP cesspool.

Just remember through it all — this is democracy. This is how it works and we’re all proud to be Americans.

Alan Hudgins


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Yes Alan your looney left lying deep state hoodlums got him this time.... NOT!!!!


Mr. Martin you are sounding very bitter. Looney, left lying hoodlums sounds very angry. Let us not forget crimes are crimes. Sometimes it's hard to acknowledge when someone has let us down. Completely understandable, but surely you agree America is better than lies, corruption and denial. This goes far beyond politics it's about our conciousness as a nation. The psychology of Trump can prevent us from owning up to our mistakes because by condemning him we have to condemn ourselves.


LCL, the last line in your commentary hits the nail on the head. Thank you. Trying to understand the illogic of people supporting a corrupt, lying person like Trump has been hard. Especially knowing that those same people would be apoplectic if Obama had said and done the same things as Trump.


No LCL I'm not bitter, really enjoying life. There has been no crimes committed by this President as of yet as the Mueller report indicated and none in this latest fiasco.


You're enjoying life so much that you tear other people down because they don't agree with you.

I wonder what would it take for you to open your mind? To ask questions rather than throw out judgments. What would it take?

Alan H

Be careful what you say Mr Martin. Hillary may have ordered deep state leftist to track your every word. You may be picked up and charged with making ridiculous comments and forced to work as Obama's yard man after he and Michelle move to their new home.




At some point in this impeachment process, after enough sandstorm has been lifted to the heavens... everything will suddenly go cold like it is over, because it will be. The reason this will happen, and it has to; is because there will be so much complicity and corruption uncovered on both sides that they will pretend some other emergency is bigger and it will all fade away.

Then Trump/Pence will be elected for a second term.


Hey LCL I'm anything but bitter. You see President Trump is in the White House and what could be better than that except maybe 4 more years. Four more years, four more years, making America Great and driving the looney left crazy. Man you gotta love it.....


actually we are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy.

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