Since the Baytown Sun offered an opinion on the impeachment of President Trump and whether or not there was a Quid Pro Quo, I wonder if they would mind doing one on then Vice President Biden? On a taped interview he bragged how he threated to hold up $1.5 Billion if they didn’t fire a prosecutor investing Burisma Holdings, a gas and oil company in Ukraine that his son happened to be on the board making stupid money with no experience. That would seem like a classic case of Quid Pro Quo to a lot of normal thinking people. What do you say Baytown Sun?

On another note I hope Pelosi and Schiff release the kangaroos they had at the impeachment inquiry for the holidays. I sure thought a person being accused of a crime could defend themselves with attorneys and witnesses but apparently not when Democrats are running the show.

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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