Project Lincoln is a movement organized by several prominent Republicans. The movement aims to mobilize conservatives who have a conscience and are aware of the danger Trump poses to our democracy in general and conservative values in particular. Republicans qualified to join Project Lincoln…..

1. are conservatives like George F. Will and agree with him that any Democrat is better than Trump.

2. have enough brains to see what trickle down economics does to deficits and actually care.

3. would rather hear uncomfortable truth than ‘feel good’ lies.

4. want to maintain credibility for conservative values.

5. don’t want to explain to their children (especially their daughters) why they would vote for someone like Trump.

6. read the Mueller Report and actually watched the impeachment proceedings.

7. can acknowledge obvious truths, including that our president is so sleazy that he asks foreign governments to interfere in our elections on his behalf (using public tax dollars as leverage).

8. can acknowledge that there are many things that Trump has said or done that should disqualify him from holding office (Helsinki, attacks on McCain; paying off a porn star, ridiculing a handicapped person, etc. etc. ad nauseum).

9. are embarrassed that the president of the country cannot pass a junior high history or geography exam.

10. are smart enough to know that God doesn’t take sides in an election and certainly did not want Trump to be president.

11. are willing to put country over party.

12. know that a president who admits to firing an ambassador because she did not hang his portrait in a timely manner is a man whose ego is out of control.

13. who think attacking the press and turning the justice department into a political weapon are threats to democracy.

14. understand that there is no such thing as alternate truth.

15. are willing to switch allegiances at least temporarily in order to protect the planet and our democratic institutions.

16. have the courage to be a dissenting voice in trumpian echo chambers.

17. are sick about having a president who praises dictators, sides against our allies, acts like a Russian asset, abandons our allies to slaughter and our gains in Syria to Russia, gives cover to an autocratic regime that dismembered an American journalist, offered to pay an evil dictator who murdered an American student, and lies pathologically.

Republicans with a conscience used to be quite common. Their numbers have been in decline especially in the last few years, but hopefully there are still enough around to make a difference.

Frank Butcher


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Hey NL, your dreaming and as always your articles are boring and inaccurate. No collusion and acquitted for impeachment. Find the $1000 frankie…….


First off it is the Lincoln Project, not Project Lincoln and citing this group as proof Trump needs to be denied his duly elected position is akin to claiming the Huffington Post is non-partisan. I voted today and am looking forward to 4+ more years of prosperity. It is laughable at best and certainly entertaining reading. Thank you for the levity, sir. Keep chugging away, as there will certainly be more to complain about for the next 4+ years, hopefully more.

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