Republican Congressman Brian Babin, who represents the grater Baytown area, released a statement before Trump signed the executive order Wednesday but called the border situation unfortunate. “What is happening at the border is unfortunate and a direct consequence of not implementing and enforcing our immigration laws. For this reason, I support the administration’s zero tolerance policy and advocate for continuing it,” Babin said. “Until our borders are secure, we cannot keep heading down a path that allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, including criminals and terrorists, to continue crossing our borders and vanish into the interior of the U.S.” 

Brian Babin thinks taking way children from their parents is unfortunate, but he is for it.

Brian Babin thinks that incarcerating children for 20 days and then sending them out all over the United States to foster care facilities is unfortunate, but he is for it.

Brian Babin does not want illegal immigrants to enter our county and vanish into the interior of the U.S., but he’s OK with 2,300 illegal immigrant children to enter our country and vanish into the interior of the U.S. through foster care facilities.

Brian Babin does not want illegal immigrants in the U.S., but he does want 2,300 illegal immigrant children in the U.S. 

Brian Babin is too confused to represent Texas. Brian Babin is too conservative for Texas.

Troy Whiteneck


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Hey bubba this is not a new law. Obama and Bush both followed it. You do know that Obama was sued for shipping kids all over the U.S...... No I guess you wouldn't.

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