I don’t know how many people read The Baytown Sun, but Ginger Stripling’s column on immigrants to our country should be required reading for all of the people, especially students of Goose Creek CISD.

All of Mrs. Stripling’s observations should be self-evident to any adult resident with a smidgen of common sense, and eyes and ears to observe for themselves that what she has written in her column of March 6 is the truth.

Mrs. Stripling should be applauded for her insight and willingness to share these truths with anyone able and willing to read them. My thanks to The Sun and Ginger Stripling. See column at baytownsun.com/opinion/article_a11bfb0c-5f59-11ea-8a18-7b6f6c6abd3e.html

Tom L. Kincaid


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Alan H

Mr Kinkaid, how do you feel about legalized Americans who keep two sets of books to defraud the IRS or a rich businessman who filed bankruptcy so often he stuck taxpayers with over $1.5 billion in bad deals? His name is D Trump, one of America's most notorious con artists. In general, immigrants pay their share of sales taxes and contribute a positive net effect to our economy. If there was a solid path to citizenship, they'd take it, no thanks to our politicians who haven't passed such a law. School kids should be required to read about all the facts, not just a racist viewpoint as presented by Ms Stripling and yourself.


Hey al illegals also bring illiteracy, disease and a drain on the welfare system which far exceeds any sales tax they pay. I also wonder how you know that President Trump has (2) sets of books. You get that info from Rachel Madcow? You need help al...

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