I truly believe that these same people who rabidly scream for gun control will be the first ones to point you out to the Feds when they do the big gun grab they plan in the future. They will be the ones everyone hates — pretty much like it is now. Verbally abusive to everyone who disagrees with them and socially inept, they will giggle as you are stripped by our government of your ability to defend yourself, gloating over their own self-righteousness.

Yes, the anti-gun folks will not only applaud our government when they take our guns, but these social misfits will be right there to hand out punishment. You will be able to pick them out of a crowd by their new government uniform. 

Every major upheaval in human history has had bad actors of this ilk. They sell their soul to the company and become the very thing they claimed to hate. Socialists won’t be happy until all guns are confiscated and absolute anarchy prevails.


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