Well mission accomplished! The whole purpose of “Letters To The Editor” is to generate discussion which can validate or reroute opinions. Not sure if they have changed my mind on the Barbers Hill ISD issue, but I appreciate the opinions of those who took exception to my recent letter.  

Dialogue is healthy if done with respect to those with opposing views, something you don’t always see from some letter writers. I will say the positive feedback I have received far outweighs the negatives. As one whose own grandson likes to wear his hair a little long and has been told to “trim your hair or face disciplinary action,” I speak from an unbiased viewpoint. And by the way, he followed the rules and cut his hair.  

Based on positive results, you have to agree that the policies Barbers Hill ISD has in place have created an extremely successful learning environment. Isn’t that what school is all about?

Ronnie Anderson

Mont Belvieu 

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Amen Ronnie, without rules BH could end up like Houston Independent School District and heaven forbid that. The bleeding hearts boo-hooer's are the ones that want participation trophies for everyone. That way they are sure to be ready for the real world, right?


rmartin, HISD is an easy target. let's see how BHISD compares with districts that are similar in size and make-up. Subtle racism/classism is still wrong.

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