Alan Hudgins presents himself as an all knowing being that knows how President Trump’s mind works and delivers some very nonsensical mental graphics to help make his point, but the only thing I get is the vision of a hate-filled Rachel Maddow fan that has let his hatred for our president to denigrate those that disagree with him and disagree with his apparent love affair with Marx and Lenin. My reasoning behind this statement is this, if you hate everything I stand for then you must align with one or all of the 20 Socialists running for the Democrat nomination. 

By the way, you have mentioned numerous times in your rants against Trump and those of us that support him, that you don’t like liars. Every Democrat and Bernie Sanders on the stages for the debates lied when they took their oath of office. They swore to protect and defend the Constitution yet every one of them has made statements that they would infringe on citizens rights to keep and bear arms. That in my books makes them liars and it makes you a hypocrite for supporting them. 

President Trump will have to do something way worse than he has done to get me to stay home on Election Day and there is no power known to man that would convince me to vote for a Democrat.

James Connealy


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James, It's not necessary to tell us that you will never vote Democratic. When you voted in 2016 for the most unprepared, unqualified, egotistical, ignorant, lying, impulsive, misogynistic candidate, you already proved that you would swallow whatever good instincts you might possess in order to avoid voting for a Democrat. My letters to the Sun are always IN RESPONSE to letters praising Trump. My purpose is not to tilt at windmills trying to convince people like you to vote any particular way. My purpose is to make sure that Trump supporters aren't the only voice being presented in the Sun's op-ed section.

Alan H

Mr Connealy, you continue to box yourself into a maze that no mouse can get out of. You say I'm all knowing and then tell me how I should think. You ASSume I'm a Trump hater because I watch Rachel Maddow. I've never watched her show. You ASSume all Dems are socialists but you don't fault Trump for giving a $16 billion socialist handout to farmers to buy their votes. You fault Dems for 2nd amendment violations but fail to mention Trump's repeated attacks on the 1st amendment. Sadly, you've boxed yourself in with the Republican liars, racists, white supremacists and wannabe dictators by supporting Donald Tripe.

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