Judy Eudy came out in the Baytown Sun Sunday criticizing the handling of the student in Barbers Hill over his long hair and the policy against him. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but let me toss this out:

I am guessing the zero tolerance rule is being applied here, which was one of the worse decisions to enter our school leadership. Years ago, my son brought a Swiss Army “knife” to Crockett a year after this came into effect. I think he was in the third grade. I gave it to him. It had a toothpick, and a nail file in it and was intended to carry to use after a meal, etc. It had no knife blade.

He got three days suspension levied on him, a mark on his record of bringing a weapon to school, and a threat. When I made a face to face appeal, I was told because it “looked” like a knife, the best they could do is give him one day suspension, citing the zero tolerance rule. I was livid, but had no choice but to comply.

Zero tolerance negates any and all judgment and liability by the teacher and further removes their authority and the freedoms of students. Make an exception and get this out of the news media which will have a field day.

Bert Marshall


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Alan H

Why would a parent knowingly send his child to school with a Swiss army knife after being made aware of the school's zero tolerance policy for knives? Even though the blade was removed, (supposedly) it still had a nail file and metal toothpick which can both be used as weapons. What were you thinking? Why not put a few wooden toothpicks in his backpack, or better yet a disposable toothbrush? Most people believe a zero tolerance policy on weapons at our schools is acceptable.


At no time did the device hold a blade of any kind and at no time did I advocate he take it to school. BTW, the "metal" toothpick was plastic and fit in the end of the device. Please don't jump to conclusions that are unjustified by facts. Your post appears to be nothing more than a personal attack. This device did not qualify as a weapon. The amount of supposition you inject in everything you write qualifies you to join the Democratic impeachment circus.

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