This year is one of the easiest election years, when it comes down to deciding who to vote for.

And that will not be Beto - Robert Francis O’Rourke – just another leftist who celebrates those that disrespect the national anthem and our country. 

His policies are for – allowing dudes to enter into girl’s bathrooms, foreign criminals having sanctuary in our cities, tax-funded abortions; you know all of today’s destructive Democrat policies.  

Most people love capitalism, freedom and the USA and will be voting for Ted Cruz because he represents American workers, our values and stands against the loathsome Left.

I heard, the Dems are putting their hopes into a fairy-tale called the “Blue Wave.”

The reality is, the Dems have much more seats to defend than Republicans do.

Basically, we have to vote in November and fight to keep our country free.

Eric Mach


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Are you insane? Racist, corrupt Trump cult members have turned the Republican party into the Grand Ole Putin Party. Toxic Treasonous Trump will have to resign in disgrace or go to jail. Lock him up, and throw away the key. You think Lyin' Ted Cruz will win? Not in this lifetime. Slimeball Trump disrespected the great John McCain and that will ensure the Blue Wave washes


Gordon, are you insane? You think the Irish-Mexican will convince normal Texan's something he is not. I think not....

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