It seems that any problem that comes up without an easy fix, it is usually the masses who are punished. What will be gained from usurping the rights of those who obey the law and giving the government approval to make choices for us? In Mr. Lamonte letter, “Assault weapons ban,” he wants the government to decide what weapons we can own, but does he really think that those that would commit mass murder will abide by any laws forbidding certain weapons? Of course they won’t, since they’re on a mission that is morally repugnant and illegal. Mr. Lamonte, like most others with out a solution, are members of the “we have to do something” crowd. Doesn’t matter if it is a workable or a well thought out solution, it just makes the anti-Second Amendment crowd feel good.

James Connealy



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We have enough laws to keep sane and law-abiding citizens on the correct side of the law. I do not need anyone or our government deciding which firearms I own, considering they are all legally procured. Notice, none of those who are "pro-take away my firearms" are stepping up and handing over their guns. No, they want YOUR guns. I'm with Briscoe and Texas on this one.


Mr. Connealy, your argument that since bad guys won't give up their guns, we should not pass any gun laws is seriously flawed. The logical extension of that argument is that since bad guys won't obey the law, we shouldn't have ANY laws.


Hey Frankie, there are plenty of laws already on the books. New ones won't help a thing but make the looney left feel good. How you feeling Frankie?

Alan H

There were many government bans that didn't work such as the ban on alcohol, or Prohibition. Some religions try to ban anything and everything. The government can force you to pay taxes and wear a seatbelt. The government can even take your home or land through eminent domain. Many politicians and some states are banning vaping with e-cigarettes. Trump wants to ban Muslims and Mexicans from coming to America. If you have 5 guns and the government bans 1 of them, what have you lost? And if the government buys it back, you'll have extra money to pay your taxes. If you don't like the US laws telling you what to do, maybe you should gather your guns and leave the country.


Dream on Al, this government won't be buying back guns any time soon. sounds like maybe you should leave. I'd suggest Chicago, they have laws banning guns. sounds like a Democrat heaven.....

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