Any reasonable Democrat should have egg on their face after two years, $30 million with 17 Democrats on the Mueller team and they find nothing. 

The real crime was Obama and his corrupt Department of Justice, FBI and the intelligence agencies having meetings on who should be the next President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the real criminal in all of this and the people who exonerated her. It’s all come out with the illegal wiretap and the untold unmasking of anybody associated with President Trump. 

We can just hope that the new attorney general will clean out the corruption in the law enforcement agencies, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s a beautiful day on this side of the aisle but I heard the Democrats might have evidence that President Trump stole someone’s lunch money in kindergarten and they are going to launch an investigation. 

Keep it up Democrats, keep it up.

Raymond Martin                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mont Belvieu


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Still obsessed with Hillary and Obama, Raymond?

Trump is a proven compulsive liar. Why aren't you obsessed with that?




He has a long way to go to catch Obama and Hillary. Love your new ding bat bartender voice of the new Democratic party - AOC.... LOL...


Politifact keeps track of lies told by politicians. By their count Hillary is responsible for 31 lies. Math is probably not your strong suit, but 10,000 >>> 31.

Facts can be annoying sometimes. You should try them occasionally.

Your implication that because Hillary told lies, it is OK for Trump to tell lies, is pathetic. Is that how you raised your children?


Hey Harvey Auzenne and Frank Butcher here is a chance for you to make easy money. I bet you both $1000.00 a piece that Trump gets reelected. We will all put the money up and let David Bloom hold it to be on the up and up. What do you say? Want to put your money where your mouth is? Skeered?


Skeered? Raymond, your responses keep getting more and more pathetic. I have a better idea. Let’s bet on how long it takes Raymond to answer a hard question. Here’s a starter list of questions he still hasn’t answered:
1. Does 9,000+ lies in 2 years make Trump a compulsive liar?
2. Is it OK for Trump to lie because other politicians lie on occasion?
3. Where is the law that was broken, making the Mueller investigation “illegal”?
4. Do you think Trump should release his tax returns?
5. Trump said on multiple occasions that he had a “great” healthcare plan. Where is it? Was that a lie?
6. Would you have been upset and suspicious if Obama had refused to release his tax returns?
7. You didn’t explain how a 1.5 trillion dollar addition to the debt and a 1 trillion dollar annual deficit is a good thing.
8. With 6 of Trump’s associates convicted criminals and more indicted, how is that “draining the swamp”?
9. Is Mexico going to pay for the wall or was that a lie?
10. Would you want your daughter or granddaughter to marry a man with the same moral character as Donald Trump?


Yada yada yada, so you hate President Trump. As you will see bubba your are on the wrong side of the Trump collusion, obstruction and everything else the brain dead democrats try to come up with. It's killing you that Trump has outsmarted all the so called democratic brains. I love it, stay tuned bubba....


Yada Yada Yada does not answer a single question and is a sure sign that you've got nothing. Why am I not surprised? Either answer the questions or go back to your cows and cars.

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