I support Baytown’s plan to relocate the USS Texas at our Bayland Island Marina at the foot of the Fred Hartman bridge. However, be reminded that all steel hull corrosion issues with the Texas is due to galvanic corrosion which is very prevalent in all marinas.  I wonder how often the sacrificial zinc anodes which retard corrosion were replaced while the ship has been in its berth near the San Jacinto Monument.  If the anodes had been replaced when required, the existing poor condition of the hull may not have happened.

There is a way to totally eliminate all hull corrosion. When the new berth is dredged at Bayland Island Marina (if we get to keep the Texas here), make it a dry berth. After the Texas has been floated into her berth, install a water-tight cofferdam or gate across the berth entry. Then pump out all of the water, allowing the ship’s keel to rest on permanent supports (which will have already been placed). With no salt water contacting the hull, there would be no galvanic corrosion and no need for zinc anodes. Rainwater could be easily removed from the berth using simple sump pumps.

Additionally, the entire exterior of the hull would be exposed for viewing.  With a draft of 28-feet (the distance from the water line to the bottom of the keel), visitors would find the Texas to be even more impressive as seen in a dry berth. People could walk down stairs to the bottom of the dry berth and walk all the way around the Texas and see the part of the ship that no one ever sees now.

Jerry L. Jones



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I really like this idea and hope everything works out to place the Texas at Bay Island. What a great sight it would be coming over the FH Bridge! Thank you for attempting to improve Baytown. Many here are h#llbent on the city's destruction. It is refreshing to see a citizen do what they can to improve our city.

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