It takes me a while to read Frank and Alan’s letters as they are long, boring and inaccurate, I fall asleep. It always take me two tries to get through them. I have a question for Frank and Alan. Do you know the difference between a Democrat and a puppy dog? Eventually the puppy dog will quit whining.

I’m fairly sure you haven’t convinced one Trump supporter not to vote for him. Economy roaring, lowest employment since 1969. There are more jobs than people to fill them. It doesn’t look good for the silly group of Democrats running for president. Abortion on demand, open borders, free health care for illegals and to top it off the ridiculous Green New Deal. Personally I don’t think rural America is going to go for it.

Frank always asks the silly question, “Would you want your granddaughter to  marry someone like Trump? I say yes if the choice is Bill Clinton who raped, groped, fondled and exposed himself to many women or President Trump who has done none of those things.

If Trump as a rich kid had a lemonade stand and a paper route it shows me how industrious he was and how he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm as president. I say get on the Trump train and ride with “Making America Great Again” and “Keeping America Great for 2020.”

Raymond Martin

Mont Belvieu

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You actually read anything they write? Besides them, you may be their only reader! When I see a letter to the editor and it has one of these curmudgeons name printed at the bottom, I skip it. The reason is they NEVER have a suggestion to make things better. They ALWAYS spew vitriolic absurdities that shows their inner struggle and self-hatred. To them everyone is stupid unless they believe the same thing and it will never change. This is why no one reads them. Folks don't want to waste their time on stupid mean people. I agree with them too. I am enjoying every single day of DT's presidency. I am prospering, life is good, and thousands and thousands of Democrats are secretly going to jump on the Trump train and reelect him. It will be glorious.

Alan H

Both Mr Martin and Mr Marshall know they're fibbing about any sane people boarding the Trump train. And it's fair to say that no one read Mr Marshall's extremist articles when he had a column in the BSun because Marshall was canned. Donald Tripe is a one-term president who will be jailed after office just like so many of his closest allies already are. Tripe can't be reelected because the Russians won't be able to rig the 2020 vote. My prediction is that millions of Republicans will vote in a Dem President because they know "Donnie the Dictator" is deranged and his train is off the rails.

Alan H

And something else Mr Marshall. You described me as a curmudgeon which means crusty, ill-tempered old man. Isn't that a description of yourself? And your mention of me spewing vitriolic absurdities describes Donald Tripe's 11,000 lies perfectly, but you're so in love with Donald you're blind to his absurd vitriolic lies/insults. If I had a chance to psychoanalyze you the way you did me, I'd conclude that you think way more of yourself than anyone else does and you likely idolize people who most resemble your own narcissistic characteristics.


If cruelty and crime is the ride you want pack your bags full of hate, intolerance, division, personal gain and most importantly $$$ so you can jump on the Trump Train (if you haven't already) for the land of despair. If you prefer the land of hopes, dreams and freedom our America was built on you might want to leave from another station called Lady Liberty. The choice is always has been. Let's hope it always is. LCL

Alan H

For Mr Martin: What's the difference between Republicans and Pinocchio? Pinnochio eventually quit lying.

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