The following was written on Sept. 9 by Sam Graves of Missouri, the ranking member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Green New Deal theorizes that we could save the planet if we replaced or upgraded every building in the US and got rid of airplanes and gas-powered vehicles.  One study suggests that this “Deal” would cost $93 trillion over the next 10 years, costing the average household $600,000, not to mention the millions of jobs that would be lost.

I am not arguing against improved energy efficiency and cleaner burning fuels, but proposals to protect the environment need to be grounded in reality and mindful of the costs on hardworking Americans.  The Green New Deal is unquestionably one of the most onerous, unrealistic proposals I have ever seen.  How many Americans can afford $600,000?

Our approach to infrastructure and other issues require long-term, workable solutions which is an impossibility with heavy-handed proposals like the Green New Deal that rely on big government mandates.

It is beyond me why some politicians feel like they need to dictate, tax and penalize in order to force their socialist agenda when we already see the private sector responding to consumer-driven market demands for cleaner energy and cleaner technology. We continue to witness car, truck, train and aircraft engines becoming cleaner, more fuel-efficient and more dependent on alternative fuels. More and more Americans want these things, and that popular demand provides a powerful, built-in, market-based incentive for manufacturers and companies to offer them.

When it comes to infrastructure, the environment and other issues, Congress must continue to offer bipartisan, consensus-based solutions that ensure that states, local governments, and private industries have the tools and flexibility to address their specific needs and, above all, keep innovating.

Sweeping and prohibitively costly government mandates that ignore the unique needs of our communities, the lives of hardworking Americans, and how the economy works — proposals like the Green New Deal — have no place in the national discussion about how we are going to move forward.  Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to wake up and face reality.

Comment by Jerry L. Jones: Note that Rep. Sam Graves’ article did not mention that the Green New Deal also proposes to do away with cattle ranching. No more hamburgers or barbecue brisket?

Jerry L. Jones



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Yes Jerry the looney left are insane. Write this down on the wall somewhere or put in a time capsule "We will be on fossil fuels for the next 100 years. I wish I would be around to tell you I told you so. There are so many products from oil/natural gas that the stupid left with their heads buried in the sand will never realize because you can't fix STUPID...


Yes Mr. Martin we all know you live to say, "I told you so". It must be terribly burdensome and isolating to be the leading authority on all opinions. You can't fix "know it all" can you?


N/A, my definition of STUPID is someone substituting their uninformed opinions for the results of scientific studies. Resorting to name-calling like your orange master does absolutely nothing towards proving your point. By the way “looney” is misspelled.


Mr. Jones, you apparently get your information(?) from Fox News. The 93 trillion dollar figure is an absolute worst case scenario, and of course if your goal is to create fear and outrage, a worst case is what you use. First of all, the Green New Deal is merely a NON-BINDING resolution that sets out a goal to consider when evaluating future legislation. Secondly, the Green New Deal is too vague to even estimate a cost at this point. Thirdly, doing nothing has a cost, too. I am acutely aware that some of the regular posters here don't believe in climate change and substitute their OPINIONS for scientific studies, but I respect the methods of science much more than I respect those opinions. If you are interested in understanding the implications of the Green New Deal rather than spreading propaganda, I suggest that you go to


Hey LCL and don't you just hate it when I'm right.....


I imagine Mr. Martin you really loathe yourself. Generally, people who "know it all" are overcompensating for their own deep-rooted fears. Like fearing someone else could be right.


LCL, I think your appraisal of N/A is right on target. Lots of opinions, zero facts.

Alan H

As usual, Mr Jones's contribution to current events is flawed by inaccuracies or lies, typical of most Republicans infected by Fake Fox News and internet fear monger websites that focus on debunked Republican conspiracy theories. The Green New Deal, (GND) is a basic resolution, not intended to be a law, that addresses climate change, economics, healthcare, pollution and our children's future. Canada, Australia, Great Britain and other European countries all support these ideas. It's untrue to call the GND a socialist agenda, especially coming from Rep Graves whose agricultural district received some of the $28 billion in socialist government bailouts due to Trump's tariffs. The cost of the GND has not been determined and neither has the exact number of jobs created by it, estimated in the millions. Airplanes aren't even mentioned in the GND and gas-powered cars won't be eliminated. And how embarrassing for Mr Jones to claim as fact that all cattle ranches will be eliminated by the GND. Mr Jones spreads infectious lies just like all the other cult Trump Republicans.


Hey LCL, frankie and Al (our democratic town criers), I bet Mr. Jones estimate on the GND is underestimated like all government programs turn out to be. You Dems are out of your minds following in the footsteps of AOC a looney bartender/hostess who couldn't find her way to the capitol without her I phone. Let's hope the batteries run down for the good of the country....


N/A, you do realize, I wish, that y0ur inane comments add exactly nothing of any substance to the discussion. You come out of left field with some insulting comment about AOC as if that somehow buttresses your opinion about the green new deal, but it actually just makes you look ignorant. Facts N/A, not opinions. I know it's not likely, but if you are interested in facts about the green new deal instead of propaganda, read this…

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