Some of our elected officials want more taxes and America, as a nation, is fed up with taxation without representation. It was never intended by the founding fathers to have this level of interference in our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In order to facilitate this dependence on the government, they need more money to create more programs to further ensnare the voters.

Never mind that there are more jobs than people to fill them and if you have a job, you want to decide where your money goes. I for one am ready to see less government interference, less taxes and fewer regulations on anything the government decides to steer. The only time I want to see the government is if we have a catastrophe of some kind. Attempting obstructionist politics on anything the president does hurts the country and denies the voters of true representation.

Democratic leadership knows beyond a doubt they cannot stop Trump from being re-elected and fear losing the majority in Congress. They are attempting a last ditch effort while hopeful candidates can’t even find any kind of platform that will get them elected. It is a low point for the Democratic Party and terribly embarrassing to watch them flounder.

Bert Marshall



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Alan H

Speaking of flounders, Bert, try explaining Trump's ever changing reasons, (aka lies, he's up to 15,500 lies now) as to why he killed Iranian General Soleimani. Sad day when Republicans support the world's biggest liar and sociopath. Grand Ole Party of liars.


Bert, you really have your orange blinders on.

You don’t want government interference or regulations. I guess you would depend on the good will of companies to do the right thing. Like the paper mills that dumped their toxins on the banks of the San Jacinto River. Or closer to home, when Humble buried refining refuse on land they later donated for building the Carver schools. Do you remember when nothing could live in the ship channel? We certainly don’t want any interference in the operations of barge companies. Let them dump their cleaning refuse in the river and don’t worry about those barges being unsecured and taking out a bridge. Oh yes, your man Trump is doing his best to undo any regulations that keep our water and air clean. To heck with the environment if keeping it clean interferes with profits. And of course, global warming is a “hoax” in your mind”, never mind what scientists say. Keep burning that coal. It gets Trump votes in West Virginia.

And then you have the nerve to say that people who oppose the destructive environmental policies of the Trump presidency are “obstructionists”. A better word would be “patriots”.


Hey NL, apparently you've been drinking the water in Lynchburg. The scientists that really matter call climate change a hoax. Goggle that NL....


"The scientists that really matter". Just when I think your posts cannot get more ridiculous, you take idiocy to a new level.


Hey NL you see where they had to take the climate Change Doomsday signs down at the Glacier National Park. the signs said the glaciers would be gone by 2020. Every predictions by your doomsday scientists are going by the wayside year after year. Hey NL you seem to be on the wrong side of every issue. Now that's idiocy.....


Actually, N/A, Glacier NP is my favorite park. The glaciers have been retreating there for many years. Some that I saw when I first visited are now gone. Your position is that just because not all of the glaciers are gone, global warming isn't happening. Do you realize how silly that is? Obviously, you don't. This from the National Park Service: "In 1966, the park had 35 named glaciers large enough to be considered active. By 2015, only 26 named glaciers remained. The average area reduction was 39 percent, though some lost as much as 85 percent. This trend of glacier retreat is expected to continue as temperatures rise." Only you (and our idiot president) would somehow interpret these facts as proof that global warming is a hoax. You continue to embarrass yourself.


Actually N/L I'm fine. the sign said the glaciers would be gone by 2020 not part of them. Our idiot President? Making America Great again, low unemployment, getting China and Mexico in line, African Americans approval rate in the 30's now. President of the United States an idiot? Surely you jest??? Easy money N/L find that $1000.00......

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