America has always had a First Lady in the White House. The First Lady is the wife of the President.  If Pete Buttigieg becomes President, that tradition will end for the duration of her presidency. Pete Buttigieg is married to another man – Mr. Chasten Buttigieg (formerly Mr. Chasten Guzman). Pete openly refers to Mr. Chasten as her husband. Therefore Mrs. Pete Buttigieg is Mr. Chasten Buttigieg’s wife. 

That is puzzling because traditionally the wife in a marriage assumes the last name of the husband. Since Mr. Chasten is Mrs. Pete’s husband, shouldn’t Mrs. Pete’s last name be Guzman? It is confusing that Mrs. Pete’s husband (Mr. Chasten) assumed his wife’s (Mrs. Pete’s) last name. Anyway, it is what it is. 

Now, if the wife (Mrs. Pete) becomes President, what would be the title for her husband, Mr. Chasten? Would the wife (Mrs. Pete) be President and the husband (Mr. Chasten) be the First Lady? No, that doesn’t make any sense. 

If Mrs. Pete becomes President, and she is also the wife (as she currently is), can Mrs. Pete be President and also First Lady all rolled up into one? No, I don’t think that would work either.

How about if Mrs. Pete and Mr. Chasten swap the husband and wife roles? That might work out because Mrs. Pete would then be the husband (Mr. Pete), and Mr. Chasten would become the wife (Mrs. Chasten). In that case, could Mrs. Chasten become the First Lady? 

On second thought, that may not work out either. So, I leave this perplexing issue to you to ponder, dear reader.  Why is that politics can be so confusing?

 Jerry L. Jones



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Hey Jerry thank God all that confusion is on the "D" side...


Jerry, N/A, your homophobia is showing.


Besides homosexuals, what other minority groups do you dislike, Jerry? You don't mind a porn star as first lady, so why are you so bothered by a first husband?

Alan H

Mr Jones, you've made a great A__ of yourself. I know if either of my children told me they were gay, I certainly wouldn't ask them such ignorant questions and ridicule their choices. Mr Buttigieg's partner would be First Husband, I presume. Had Hillary become President, Bill would've become First Husband. I'm certain Buttigieg's partner would be a huge improvement over the Communist-born Melania who can barely speak English. Melania's greatest accomplishment thus far is to attend lavish functions in dresses that cost as much as a new car. It's no surprise that she and Trump have separate bedrooms.

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