My last letter to Santa Claus ...

Dear Santa,

It’s been a very long time since I have written you. 


You would have to blow away lots of dust to find my name in your files.

The last time I wrote you … well, it has been many years ago.

But, I have been singing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Jingle Bells” at a lower octave for many years now. 

Although my stocking size has changed, and my list considerably, I now recognize the value of mistletoe in our decoration.

I have never forgotten our relationship, Santa.

I gave my letters to my Dad to mail for many years. Until one Christmas, he inquired my identity of you. As I nodded my head and said, Well, you better start being a little “nicer” to me, and we all laughed.

I still believe in you Mr. Santa Claus, and I have followed your activities throughout the years. I know you don’t have time to read all your mail, but in December you have the headlines. They belong to you. You crowd out the day-by-day guys who fade from year to year.

Although this may be a delayed “Thank you,” let it be real.

Own my Christmas shopping list this year when you and your sleigh of reindeer come by my house.

Could you put the light of children’s faces into the light of the world?

Could you transplant the feeling of holly, the lights, the angels above the Christmas tree, the many hymns, and the Santas along the street in the hearts of people who are away from home, and may be for the first time, and never noticed it before?

Could you please remind us all it’s a BIRTHDAY we are celebrating, and all the love and gifts are in your honor?

And, most of all Santa, could you please make sure we NEVER outgrow You, that Christmas will always be a way of life?

Although so many things have changed, we’ve gone from earth to moon, there will always be room for the manger, with love and peace in our hearts.

So, please don’t ever go mechanized, Mr. Santa.

Joann Rodgers



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