Remembering my mother

Mike Wilson and his mother Gertrude Wilson

Remembering my mother

With Mother’s Day upon us and not having the opportunity any more to tell my Mom how I feel about her, as she passed away two years ago, I wanted to share the eulogy I gave for her, with the hope that it will move those reading this to think about their Mothers and what she means to them, and then go tell her how you feel about her, while you can. I cannot imagine a better Mom in the world than mine was, but if you have one, you are indeed blessed. 

Maybe some of you remember the “Alphabet Game” that kids used to play on car road trips? Remember: The first one in the car to spot and claim all the letters of the alphabet in the words on billboards, or road signs or buildings would win the game. “I claim A – in Allstate Insurance” – “I claim B in Burkburnett – next exit” and so on to the hard ones, like Q in Quaker State. It wasn’t always easy to find them all.

What was easy for me today was to find all the letters of the alphabet to describe our mother:

Mom was Always there for us.

Mom was Beautiful – what a catch our dad made! 

She was Courageous – to the end.

Mom was Devoted to her family.

Mom was so Easy to love.

Mom was very Forgiving – and we gave her lots of opportunities.

Mom was Generous.

She was as Honest as the day is long.

Our mother was an Inspiration to everyone who met her.

She was a Joy to be with – even for, or maybe especially for, those who were caring for her.

She was one of the Kindest people you could ever meet.

Mom was Loveable – you just automatically wanted to give her a hug.

Mom was Modest – even with all her many talents.

She was Nimble – you probably weren’t expecting that one, but remember she had to try and corral 7 kids at the Piggly Wiggly every week.

She was always Obedient to the words of her Lord.

She was Patient….. well, most of the time.

Mom was our Queen – not just for a day, but for her whole life – right guys?

Mom was very Religious – she lived her faith every day.

Mom was Sharp – especially at the bridge table – even into her later years.

She was sooooo Thoughtful – she always remembered to send cards and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

Mom was Unfailing in her love for all of us.

She was incredibly Valiant as she faced all the challenges in her life.

As Lawrence Welk would say – she was “Wonerful, Wonerful.” We loved to watch that show with her - didn’t we?

She was Xactly the person we wanted to be our Mom. (That was the best I could do for “X.”)

Mom was Young at heart – all of her long life.

And Mom was a Zealot for her God, her Church, her family, and her friends.

For the family I want to say “thank you Lord” for sharing Mom with us for as many years as you did.

From all of us to you Mom – thanks – we are who we are because of you. Because of you we are winning the game of life. Amen!

Mike Wilson is a Baytown banker, community leader and member of The Sun reader advisory board.

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