• Cheers to longtime Baytown resident Charlie Taylor for recently celebrating his 101st birthday. It is hard to fathom living that long, but the memories accumulated have to be priceless. Here is to Charlie hoping his latest birthday was his best yet.

• Cheers to Barbers Hill third grade student Eliana Juarez. The talented young lady secured a spot in the Houston Ballet performance of ‘The Nutcracker.’ Juarez tried out for one of the coveted roles and was among those selected. The sky is truly the limit for Juarez.

• Cheers to all the organizations who did their part to ensure everyone enjoyed Christmas. There are those who do not have the resources to celebrate Christmas. The Baytown organizations who gave presents and other items made a bigger impact than they can imagination and the community is better for it.

• Cheers to making it through another year with all its ups and downs. Funny how the years truly do fly by the older you get. But I would not trade it for the world. Looking forward to a great 2020 and wishing you blessings and happiness in your journey.


• Jeers to the multitude of impromptu firework displays that erupt during the holiday weekend. Sure, fireworks are illegal in the city. But, depending on where you live, residents gain a first-hand experience of what life must be like in Beirut. Beloved pets feel terror they only dream of as they scamper for safely under covers. For first responders, it must feel like one of those, ‘Ocean so big, boat so small moments.’  There have to be better ways of dealing with the issue than empty rants and public service announcement. The more I think about it, the idea of opening a firework stand sounds better and better.

      —Michael Pineda

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