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At some point I promise I’ll move on with more important stories about, say, world peace, or what the favorite foodstuff is in Slovakia. I may even take you on a non-visual yet well-written tour through the everyday workings at the United Nations.

Wait, I know. How about a column on TV personalities in Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein? You won’t be able to put it down.

But first, I got another email sent by a dear friend concerning a “boo-boo” (and this was a doozy) that was so mesmerizing, so astonishing that I just had to share it with Discerning Readers.

The email came from Sue Carr, who lives happily with husband David back in the old homeplace. It was really funny. At least to Sue and me. I can’t speak for David.

This humorous revelation came after my second powerful column on things going wrong in mine and Wife Margie’s everyday lives. Remember I initially focused on three bad days we had with things breaking – refrigerator (ice box), Computer Box, and ADT home security service – and followed that with another captivating piece after receiving Bad News Emails from Ronnie Anderson and Wes Walker, both famous in Baytown proper and some selected sectors of Chambers County.

After hearing from Ronnie and Wes, I felt sort of bad that I’d ever broached the subject. (Not really.)

Sue’s email took a little different path, however. It wasn’t about stuff breaking. It was even better because the event described was, uh, outside normal humanoid behavior. Fortunately, it ended with a laugh (probably more than one).

In Sue’s own words, here’s what happened.

“Well let me tell you our latest episode.

“David went to check on the lawnmower out in our pump house and the battery was down, so he decided to recharge it.

“He did that at 1 o’clock Monday afternoon. At 8 o’clock that evening, I got a text from our neighbor that said, ‘Ask David if his mower is running in the pump house?’

“I wish I would’ve had my camera on to video when I asked David the question. He jumped straight up out of his recliner, which I didn’t know he could do.”

Now in Jimbo’s own words: After finding the mower running after 7, as in SEVEN, hours, David cut it off. I’m guessing the mower was fully charged.

Now back to Sue.

“He said he started it and completely forgot.

“I had been hearing something but I wasn’t aware he had left it running, so I thought it was coming from the neighbor.

“That’s how pathetic we are. [Pathetic is Sue’s description, not mine.]

“Later that night the neighbor sent another text. It said, ‘It sure is quiet in the neighborhood.’

“The thing is that David is deaf and so is our neighbor. [Sue’s description, not mine.]

“Herb [the neighbor] sent another text that said, ‘It’s funny that I can’t hear my wife when she’s hollering at me, but I could hear the lawnmower.’

“Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your kids and give [Wife] Margie a hug from us.”

Wow! A highly charged (haha) story, Sue.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, even though it was spent in someplace called Magnolia.

About the hug, Wife Margie said she’d just as soon wait for a more appropriate time, like 2022. Just kidding. She thinks I’m the cat’s meow, and loves me more than the whole wide peanut, which is as much as you can love someone in our family.

To conclude, here’s a sincere confession. Really.

After hearing about the terrible woes of Ronnie and Barbara Anderson and Wes and Gina Walker, I realized how minor our own personal problems were. So I’m sorry.

Too, I’m ashamed I admitted publicly we were forced to call Don Rowan, whose real name is Mr. Fix It, to make things right again because … I CAN’T FIX ANYTHING.

Speaking of Don, I wonder if he has in his “fix-it box” an automatic lawnmower cutoff switch? Hmmm.

Jim Finley is a retired managing editor of The Sun. He can be reached at viewpoints@baytownsun.com, Attention: Jim Finley.


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