• Cheers to Carol Brogan and her efforts to honor Goose Creek CISD’s military service members. Brogan is seeking names for the project and working on a plan to honor those service members. Everyone is encouraged to contact Brogan with service members in this worth endeavor. Brogan’s email is

• Cheers to the Baytown Parks and Rec Department in its decision to rename the Ward Road Park after Melissa Ann “Missy” Savell Davidson. Davidson served as the personnel director for the city and earned a reputation throughout the state for excellence in her profession. The decision to honor a former city employee is a great idea and it will keep Davidson’s legacy alive at a place she loved to volunteer when Little League rolled around.

• Cheers to the service clubs and their contributions to higher education. It is during this time of year we see the results of all those golf tournaments, fundraisers and events. Those apple pies, fried fish feasts and double bogeys have been converted into smiles on the faces of those students who received a scholarship. There are so many deserving students and these clubs along with all those who have donated have helped make a difference. Community spirit is alive and well in Baytown and this is but another example of the good things that take place in the city.


Jeers to the US Soccer and its poor judgment in compensating the men and women’s soccer teams. Despite enjoying unparalled success, members of the women’s team have not received the same level of compensation as the men. All the women have done at the national level is win World Cups, outdraw and generated more profit and revenue for the soccer federation. If this were WNBA, which has lost on average $10 million a year, I would merely shrug and carry on with my day. But it is clear the women’s team has earned equal footing in compensation with the men’s team. These are world class soccer players among the best in the world and not sugar mommas. US Soccer would be wise to realize that and make an adjustment in pay.

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