JoAn Martin

God often doesn’t answer when I pray, or at least he says NO, instead of granting me my request! That irritates me and really ticks me off. He must have said NO or WAIT or MAYBE, but it felt like I wasn’t getting my way and everybody knows my way is the best way.

Analyzing this I think that I probably don’t understand the situation. Could it be that an okay from Him might mess up something else in His plan or someone else’s situation? God does not come when I call him, but I remember when he does show up, he is always right on time.

Is what I ask for is not worthwhile spiritually? My finite mind has no connection to His spiritual mind. I’m mostly physical. He has limited himself so that he never forces someone to do or not do something. He has given each of us free will but probably regrets giving us so much freedom. If he wanted to he could make us do what is right.  

I need to remember that this situation isn’t always going to be this way. Change is the only thing that I can be sure of. But I am at the age to hate change.

Are there some people who like change?

Does he answer my prayer indirectly – round about? Accept His way. Live with questions. When God seems far away, who moved?

Going through hard times makes me stronger, makes me turn to God, and become closer to Him, even if it doesn’t feel that way today. Isn’t that my goal, to have a closer relationship with Him?

Still annoys me, but maybe I am beginning to move a bit closer to having the mind of Christ.

JoAn Martin is a retired teacher with five published novels. Reach her at or at


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