I grew up in Baytown and attended all Black schools. I have read the different opinions of writers about the issue of a name change for the Robert E. Lee High School. It is so healthy to allow citizens to express their thoughts. It’s very positive and encouraging to listen to all. I want to share a harsh and different perspective on the discussion with you, my fellow Baytown citizens. I grew up with those Confederate statues in the South that are being toppled. We had learned to ignore them, not to think about them, and to go about our business. If we had thought more about what they stood for, we would have been very angry and distracted.

Now that we have all experienced what violence against African Americans looks like on national television, we can begin to reason together. At this time, other racial groups are more willing to believe that Black people were not just trying to “cause trouble” about many things, they were begging for help, often in the frustrating way that they had to do it. This is the first time that I, personally have put into print, to a mixed race audience, my unhealed scars as a results of slavery, and I am 76 years old. What is most offensive is to hear whites say: “Get over it!”

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