True Christians should be very thankful that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and not Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party of yesteryear, made of patriotic Americans who just had policy differences with the Republican Party, is gone forever. The Democrats have spent the past four decades or so evolving into a party that now works against almost everything our country was built upon. The Bible. The Constitution. The family. The free-enterprise system. I could give countless examples of this hostility but I don’t have enough space here.

This is not to say the Republican Party has always defended these institutions. But generally speaking, it has. That is why the vast majority of Christians vote Republican. Before 1980, Christians voted for both Democrats and Republicans. 

In just the last few weeks, the left has removed its moderate mask to show its true socialist colors as the Party of Hate. 

Then there is the rise of the “fact-checkers” which has done very little to improve the genuineness of news coverage, because many of the self-appointed “fact-checkers” are really just partisan hacks, looking for some nitpicky way to dismiss inconvenient truths or to misrepresent personal opinions as lies. 

Beware of what you read or hear on these biased medias. Don’t let the Democrats take away our rights. 

Now, just when it seems they cannot get any lower, we have the latest, infanticide. Aborting babies up to birth! How backward and barbaric can anyone get yet the Democrats are embracing this. 21 times this has been brought up in the House of Representatives so far to be stopped, only to be struck down by the Democrats showing their joy of killing babies. 21 times! 

Though they protect tens of thousands of illegal immigrants breaking into our country bringing tons of drugs, gang members and killers just for the illegal vote in many ‘sanctuary’ cities and states yet they show only disdain for innocent children. Psalm 2:1, “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” Some Democrats still actually believe they are Christians condoning these things.

William Carlisle



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Great article Mr. Carlisle and so very true. Sad but true...

Alan H

Mr Carlisle, you claim to be a Christian, but all you do is falsely judge Democrats as Americans whose political beliefs aren't worthy of Christian beliefs. There's nothing worse than a warped big mouth liar who thinks only his political party can be Christians. Trump is the poster child for lies, racism, corruption and manipulation of Christians. How can you support someone who is so evil? I'll bet if you asked Trump to quote his favorite Bible he couldn't do it. I'll bet if we ever see Trump's tax returns we'll see he never donates to any church. Why, because he doesn't go to church or believe in God.


Welcome back, Alan. I have missed your comments, and I know the same goes for Raymond. :-)

Alan H

And another thing Mr Carlisle, I guess you must hate God for causing 500,000 to 1 million miscarriages in the US each year. Do you think God is a Democrat?

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