As independent voters, my wife and I have been watching the House proceedings pretty close. 

The only undisputed fact that we have seen was from the only person who said he talked to the President. He told him “I want nothing, just for him to do the right thing.” It seems to us had Vice President Biden not gone before cameras and said fire the investigator that is looking into the company (universally known as very corrupt) that his son worked for or I withhold the money, he would not been in the situation. (Running for office does not/should not absolve you from past crimes).

Everyone else that was interviewed just had opinions on what the President really meant or what he was really thinking. It also strikes me as wrong that many of these “experts” have been talking about finding a way to remove President Trump from office since 2016. Another strange thing we found that some of the TV stations (much like some print news) were leaving out parts of the conversation/evidence, and the omitted evidence was almost always positive for the President.

Be careful of who you quote or believe when they are telling you what someone was thinking or meant by what they said. The media needs to get back to reporting the news not creating the news.

Larry Rollo



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The entire charade would be thrown out of a misdemeanor court on the first day. What the Democratic strategy is, is to recon by fire", an old military term where you attempt to flush out the enemy (Donald Trump) by shooting accusations into the bushes and hope, hope, hope one or more will hit home. If they had one "smart bomb", which they don't, they could target and hit their intended target. Instead, they are using a triple-barrel shotgun and hitting the voters in the face. Trump remains as clean as anyone can be at that elevated position. Think about this as a side distraction, nothing more. When the dust settles, the American voter will give him and Pence a second wonderful term. The angry unwashed masses will crank up another impeachment on most likely less to go on, but go on they will. The reason is they cannot beat the man for what he is doing for the citizens and the Democrats have nothing to offer but open borders, abortion, and more gay everything. Worst of all is they cannot accept the obvious fact that people are prospering under this President and when a candidate threatens to take food off their kids table, they get mad and vote against them (We will shut down coal in this country! Bloomberg-Clinton). I am of the pinion that every world leader ventures into quid pro quo. After all, why should we give anyone anything unless they hand over something of equal or greater value? If Biden's son is committing a crime, it stands to reason Joe knows about this crime and is involved, but no one wants to say that.


Bert, you and your misinformed ilk blame the Democrats for the impeachment. Here’s a simple truth you conveniently overlook. There would not be any impeachment if Trump did not attempt to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 election. Blaming the Democrats is akin to a criminal’s family blaming the DA for filing charges against their son, who was caught in the act of an attempted theft.

Answer this question, Bert, YES or NO, without deflecting to some irrelevant observation. Is it OK for a president to use taxpayer money to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 election to the personal political benefit of the president? Yes or no?

The Russians indisputably interfered in the 2016 election to benefit Trump, and Trump wants an encore in 2020….And you don’t care.

Here’s a challenge for you, Bert. Do a Google search and read what William Webster, a Republican and Reagan’s FBI director, had to say about Trump’s actions.

Alan H

Blert, you probably have no idea what it means to be a Christian since your dark comments almost always liken Democrats to dirty rats on ships or getting shot in the face, but here's what the Christian magazine founded by Billy Graham said about Trump's impeachment, "Trump is profoundly immoral" and must be removed from office. Trump's days are numbered now that the Christians have realized his immorality and deception. Watch out for lightning bolts from the sky!!!

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