President Donald Trump lives his life in a bubble of opulence, ignorance and self-aggrandizement.  His brain works like a lottery ball machine filled with hot air and ping-pong balls. When the swirling air evacuates, ball #73 falls into a slot and Trump blurts out his answer. Bomb Iran, no, do a cyber attack, wait, MIGA-Make Iran Great Again, no, obliterate the whole country; ball #22 drops-lock up immigrant children in concentration/torture camps; #1 ball-give rich people like me a huge tax break; ball #50-EPA, get rid of it and let’s start polluting America; ball #8-border wall, ban Muslims, promote white supremacy and racism.

When I read Trump supporter Jerry Jones’s 6/16 article, I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure if Jones had a sudden attack of nostalgia or dementia. He implied that citizens of today are less patriotic, don’t love our country, don’t go to church, don’t read the Bible and that kids in school can’t say prayers or salute the flag. None of this is true.

Jones suggested that all those good old-fashioned values he cherished were instilled in 73-year-old Donald Trump during his childhood, causing Trump to rescue America as the knight in shining armor.  What a load of crapola!  (More like a [k]nightmare in armor.)

Trump actually grew up in a wealthy section of Queens, NY called Jamaica Estates with two Cadillac limos parked in the driveway. As a child, little Donnie ran a lemonade stand. He threatened people by saying his dad, a wealthy real estate developer, would evict them if they didn’t buy his lemonade. Donnie also had a newspaper route. On bad weather days he made his dad’s chauffer drive him around in the limo to throw papers.  Little Donnie was by all accounts a spoiled brat rich kid who threw fits when he didn’t get his way.  Donnie gave one of his teachers a black eye because he didn’t like what the teacher was doing.  So, contrary to Mr Jones’s false fantasy, Trump did not grow up with, or ever acquire the good old fashioned values of the Beaver Cleaver generation. Trump was a privileged wild child who became an expert at lying, cheating and bullying...a manipulative con artist with no understanding of right/wrong.

Jones thought Trump was patriotic. Not true. Trump sided with murderous enemy dictators Putin and Kim Jong Un in spite of American Intelligence reports. Jones said Trump supported the military. False. Trump got 5 military deferments so he could dodge the draft. One deferment was for a bone spur in his foot, but ping-pong brain Trump couldn’t remember which foot and then later said it was both feet.

Jones said Trump supported our military.  Big lie.  Trump repeatedly insulted a gold star military family, repeatedly mocked POW John McCain’s hero status and skipped Veteran’s Day ceremonies because his orange hair might get wet.

Trump doesn’t support businesses as Jones said, only tax breaks for the super rich.  Trump’s tariffs nearly ran a local steel company out of Baytown and put American farmers in dire straits.  Farmers are so bad off from Tariff Trump’s ping-pong policies that Trump decided to give them a $16 billion welfare bailout. Many called it a bribe for votes. Is that how Trump made America great again, with tariffs and government handouts?

You get the picture.  Mr Jones gave us a fake fantasy version of Trump’s values.  I presume Jones got his false info from watching Fox Fake News and reading Republican conspiracy theory websites.

And thank you to Frank Butcher for his 6/18 article which pretty much exposed just how disturbing and inaccurate Mr Jones’s information really was.

You know, if one of Baytown’s council members or the mayor was fact-checked and found to have lied 11,000 times, or claimed that the Baytown Sun was the enemy of our people, or interfered with an investigation into political corruption, or repeatedly insulted veteran war heroes, or ignored court subpoenas, he/she would be grabbed by the arm, hurled into the mud and kicked out of office.  Yet we have so many spineless, cult conservative Republicans, (like Brian Babin) who continue to pretend all these horrible actions from this deranged president are ok.

Next I read the 6/25 rambling article from Bert Marshall, (BM), who thinks he loves Trump.  BM wrote that Henry Kissinger said “world leaders are off balance around Trump because unlike other presidents, he looks you in the eye when he threatens to stab you in the chest and they know he will do it.”  

Fact-checking BM’s statement, I searched the Internet for an hour and there’s no record of Kissinger ever saying that.  Henry K is a respected professional diplomat and anyone with half a brain knows Kissinger would never speak such psychotic words.  And shouldn’t there be red flag warnings against someone that openly idolizes Trump as a murdering president who stabs world leaders in the chest?  

World leaders aren’t afraid, though.  Iranian officials recently called Trump “mentally retarded.” They’re all laughing at Trump’s narcissistic unstable leadership.  Almost the entire world recognizes that Trump has serious mental problems.

So...don’t believe the fabrications you hear from Republican Trump supporters.   Anyone who defends the amoral values of a vile racist, ping-pong brained serial liar and accused rapist probably has the same amoral values as Trump the Liar-in-Chief.


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This was the most accurate version of Trump, but sadly, it also reflects his supporters. He once said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they would still support him, and I’m afraid he is correct. But like the Beatles said “Here Comes the Sun” because there are more Americans who believe that it is wrong to lie, cheat, steal, and treat children, the disabled, the less fortunate or anyone who disagrees with you, with cruelty, hostility, and disdain, and who would rather hurt themselves than see anyone not exactly like them receive an ounce of compassion. And they wrap themselves in the Flag and the Bible while they do it.


Well said, Dgacosta. Thank you. And thanks to Alan for a well written, fact-based letter. No doubt Alan's letter will be criticized by all the usual people since facts and truth don't agree with their prejudices.

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