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• Cheers to those who have dusted off those professional outfits and returned to school in teaching and support positions. There are fewer people on the road and not as many sunbathers at the beach. That mark on the calendar looks awfully lonely counting the days down until May. But you are doing the work of the just and should sleep well at night after molding the minds of today’s youth and keeping them safe. Thank you for all you do.

• Cheers to the Sterling band for its opportunity to perform on a big stage. The band applied to play at halftime of the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day and was accepted. It will join other bands in what is sure to be a lifetime experience. And congrats to the parents who travel to Louisiana to support their musicians. There are worse places to be on New Year’s Eve.

• Cheers to Cody’s Law going into effect On Sept. 1. Named after former Crosby football player Cody Stephens, the law will help bring awareness to heart issues. Students will have the option of having ECG heart screening as part of their physical. Scott Stephens lobbied for passage help students like his son.

• Cheers to Lee College distinguished alumni John Britt, Mary Beth Wendel and Melanie Stewart. The trio was named by Lee College as its honorees for 2019. They represent the best in the college and great ambassadors.


Jeers to Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott, who apparently woke up one morning thinking he was the second coming of Tom Brady and Joe Montana piled up into one. It has been reported Prescott turned down an offer of $30 million per year and is seeking $40 million. That is $5 million more than the current highest paid player Russell Wilson. What do you say we at least win a Super Bowl or at least make it to one Dak? I don’t know if Dak is a $30 million a year quarterback. But at some point, deeds should count for something. So far, those trophies that distinguish quarterbacks are curiously absent.

          —Michael Pineda

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