Too often we judge intelligence by the manner in which they agree with us. And, too often, we light the computer up and wander into Facebook, which is a breeding ground for think tanks.

Had Facebook been a forum solely for catching up with family and sharing cute pet pictures, civilization might have taken a step closer to the state of Utopia. In addition to those subjects, it became a place for the discussion of politics, religion and current events. Not that it is all terrible. But even the drunks had the good sense to ban politics and religion from the bar.

According to scripture, none are perfect and Lord knows I am a sinner. Which makes all of us susceptible to the crazy antics of social media. A great post floating around currently states, “The best part about any major political event is watching everyone from my hometown who got a 14 on the ACT try to explain constitutional law.”

There is more truth than fun in that statement. 

Our loved ones are susceptible to the flood of false information. My mother, who along with my father celebrated a 50th anniversary this month, shared a post with highly questionable information the other day. How do you tell your mother, who gave birth to you and a couple of overly active brothers, to stay in their lane? From a safe distance is the answer. What safe distance means is a different area code.

It is easy to agree with things on social media that fit our narrative of the world. And the older you are, the more you do it according to research from New York University and Princeton, more than likely liberal bastions of learning but you have to be woke with some of this stuff.

As stated earlier, I have been known to fall short of perfection, but my social media game is relatively straight outside of some athletic rants (PG-rated). I learned my lesson long ago.

My grandmother, a devout Church of Christ preacher’s wife, got hooked onto ‘The Facebook’ late in her life. It was Godsend for her. Her hearing was bad but she was able to keep up with everyone on social media. That included the time there was a quiz I filled out regarding different beers consumed.

Whoever coined snitches get stitches was not thinking about their dear little granny who had to share that info with mom, another devout Church of Christ preacher’s wife. I can say grandma was placed on Facebook probation. More importantly, I can say I learned to keep stuff off Facebook that will result in a headache-inducing call from family.

And who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


Michael Pineda is the assistant news editor for The Baytown Sun. 

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