My opinion will alienate me from some folks, but I believe what I am saying needs to be considered. Back when the barge terminal was proposed on Cedar Bayou across from Roseland Park, a citizens group fought it unsuccessfully, mainly because it was a done deal with the Army Corps of Engineers. When asked my opinion, I told them to push for amenities, such as noise abatement and landscaping.

When the bus barn was proposed behind Gentry, a citizens group composed mainly of folks living on Sjolander Road got that plan nixed to the miserable detriment of the folks on Crowell Lane and surrounding streets. When asked my opinion, I told them to build it behind Gentry and push for amenities, such as noise abatement and landscaping.

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Note: This was submitted before the vote was finalized approving the project.

Alan H

Bert, you seem to have the Cedar Bayou Roseland Park barge terminal story wrong. The city could have purchased the land from Mr Jennings for $1 million but instead allowed Jennings to sue the City and allowed his lawyers to write the settlement papers. City leaders didn't mind spending $3 million on renovating the tiny Brunson theatre, though. To my recollection you never attended meetings of the community group opposing the barge terminal so I'm confident your input on any of these matters is greatly exaggerated. In case you didn't know the city's zoning laws cover noise abatement and landscaping. Your recommendations were irrelevant.

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