Many people are fragile. At some time in their lives they have been broken or cracked by the blows life has dealt them. Handle them with care and love, because we all have scars from the battle of living; but some have more than others.

Those with many cracks are more vulnerable because they are weakened already.  They may put up a defense to protect themselves from further harm.  They may strike out at you because they are so weak and scared themselves.

Handle them with care, knowing that they are just defending their fragile condition.  Patience and love are the glue that can mend the damage done in their lives.  When we stop looking at our own selves, and look beyond into the heart of another, then true healing can begin, both for them and for us.

I think there are many, many damaged people out there.  I think the bizarre things they do sometimes are to compensate for what life has taken away from them or failed to provide for them.  They want attention, even if it is bad.  They are saying, “Look at me.  I am here. I exist.”  Maybe they have been made to feel as if no one cares about them. 

We have to be aware that words are weapons.  They can injure as surely as lashes of the whip.    For you to remain unbroken, you have to realize that another’s damage may not be of your doing.  But you have to take responsibility for that which you may deal out in addition to what has already been done to them.

Sometimes we go around with little hammers and make dents in the psyche of those around us.  We chip away at them.  We don’t mean to or even realize that we are doing it.  The thing is to be aware of our actions and throw that hammer away. Then bring out the balm of love and kind words which will heal those injuries.

Respect for each other should be an essential element of our existence.  After all, we travel this big blue marble together every day of our lives.

It is how we make that journey and care for those around us that are important.  Those previously broken ones need special attention. We should wrap them in love, forgiveness, and kindness, and they all should be marked, “fragile-handle with care.” 


A former longtime Baytown resident, Ginger Stripling now lives in Mont Belvieu. Contact her at,

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