I totally agree with Sunday’s editorial “Too Many Dollar Stores”. This country was founded on ensuring our freedoms, capitalism, and limitations on government. The city has no business picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

If there were too many dollar stores, capitalism works to weed out those that aren’t profitable.

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Mark you mean like little Mike Bloomberg taking salt and pepper off the tables and 32 ounce drinks away in New York? I hear you...

Alan H

I hope the city does not approve the ban on dollar stores. Most of the research used to justify the ban has been debunked. Food desserts occur because of low-income areas having no access to mass transit. City leaders weren't complaining when Walmart came to Baytown and caused many mom and pop stores to close, even the chain store Randall's. I presume Starbucks will be banned next due to an overabundance.

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